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Our editor's picks for the top news stories written by The Daily Transcript's editorial staff over the past year.

Founder, Meissner Jacquét Investment Management Services

The watchword at Meissner Jacquét Investment Management Services is teamwork. “We sought out individuals who could communicate effectively with their peers and with clients, and establish logical processes to arrive at collaborative decisions,” said Jerry Jacquét, principal in charge at Meissner Jacquét, the firm he founded in 1992 with fellow leasing agent Timothy P. Meissner.

Focus on technology moves San Diego County Credit Union forward in 2014

San Diego County Credit Union is proud to be San Diego’s largest locally owned financial institution. What truly sets SDCCU apart from other financial institutions is that they offer big bank products -- in many cases, superior banking products -- but without the big bank costs. As SDCCU continues to grow, technological innovations continue to be a cornerstone for its success.

Chase is devoted to the local community

Chase Commercial Banking serves more than 23,000 corporate, state, municipal, financial institution and nonprofit clients in the United States with annual revenue generally ranging from $20 million to $2 billion. The firm offers a comprehensive set of financial products and services, including credit, equipment finance, real estate finance, treasury services and provides clients with access to the investment services of J.P. Morgan.

Regional Vice President/External Affairs, AT&T

Since childhood, Ignacio De La Torre has had a healthy fascination with how things work. That fascination has served him well, whether he was disassembling household objects, pursuing a degree in electrical engineering at UCLA, or throughout the course of a 24-year career with AT&T, including his current role as regional vice president of external affairs for the communications giant, specializing in government relations.

Interim CEO, Tri-City Medical Center

As the interim CEO and executive vice president/chief operating officer of Tri-City Medical Center, Casey Fatch oversees and assesses the performance of about 2,100 employees (including a medical staff of 500 to 600), and has overall responsibility for TCMC's operations and strategic planning. It's not a job for the faint of heart, even with TCMC's renowned Cardiovascular Health Institute right on the premises.

President, Innovia Community Management Cooperative

Robert Felix,president of Innovia Community Management Cooperative, doesn't have an office -- instead, he works from his home in Carlsbad. "It doesn't really pay to have an office," he explained. "Either that, I'm on a plane or in a hotel -- might as well be efficient."

Owner, Charco Design & Build

Just about two years ago, Armando Flores set out to start something more personal than just another construction company. “I wanted to just be a little bit more of a boutique remodeling company,” Flores has said of his passion and the company he owns, Charco Design & Build Inc.

Senior vice president/general manager, Cox Communications

It took 20 years for the career path of Dave Bialis to lead back to his native Southern California, but his homecoming in February 2011, to become senior vice president and general manager for Cox Communications' California operations, was one he'd long hoped for.

Business Banking Area Manager, Wells Fargo Bank

Comparing service as an artillery officer in the Marine Corps and service to small businesses as a banker might seem like a stretch, but not to Dan Adams, who did the former and is doing the latter as business banking area manager for Wells Fargo Bank.

President and CEO, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

Thella Bowens became CEO and president of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority within two months of it being established after the airport’s separation from the Port of San Diego.

Executive director, San Diego Military Advisory Council

Growing up in the 1960s, Larry Blumberg decided it made sense to join the U.S Navy instead of waiting to be drafted. He thought he would serve a tour, but ended up liking it so much that he stayed for 30 years and retired as a Navy captain about 20 years ago.

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San Diego’s Top Influentials highlights the Who’s Who in San Diego business, profiling the top newsmakers of 2012.

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