This edition focuses on new technologies and green building techniques that can aid in conserving water.

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Sudberry Properties’ Mission Valley village of Civita designed to be a model of sustainability

Civita, Sudberry Properties’ 230-acre Mission Valley urban village, is living up to its promise to become a model of sustainability and energy efficiency.

What does a sustainable San Diego look like?

For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. To support this lifestyle shift, Swinerton Builders is committed to development that is lean, green and promotes a sustainable vision of urban living.

Green roofs play a pivotal part in helping Californians maximize water reclamation

Our statewide drought and increasing demand for energy has both the general public and politicians frantically trying to figure out ways to re-legislate our environmental decisions from the past two decades.

Helpful water conservation tips for landscaping

As impending hot summer weather looms, so does rising water costs to properly irrigate your plants. If you manage or live in a community where water is shared by all its residents, you also know this time of year brings about questions on how to reduce its use.

Agency approaches to water conservation not one-size-fits-all

As the drought persists, it's becoming clear that while there are a number of ways San Diego County water agencies could facilitate conservation, each will determine what works for its customers.

Some California cities seek water independence

SANTA MONICA — Drops of rain fell on Josephine Miller's 1920s bungalow — a watery relief in the midst of a punishing drought. Instead of flowing into storm drains and washing out to sea, an oversized tank harvested the precious resource to keep her thirsty citrus trees and vegetables from shriveling up on dry days.

Pacific Beach company recycles cellphones for charities

Only 8 to 12 percent of cellphones sold in the United States are reused or recycled. A large number of them, about 135 million, are sitting in landfills and polluting the Earth because they were not disposed of correctly. Discarded cellphones are a major contributor of toxic pollution in the United States. The majority, about 500 million, are shoved in the back of drawers, boxes and closets.

Chula Vista receives award from EPA

The city of Chula Vista has been awarded one of three Organizational Leadership Awards from the federal Environmental Protection Agency for its work toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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As land development gains ground, stormwater practices encounter increased scrutiny

The evidence of a residential land-development recovery is apparent, with many local and regional developers scrambling to get land under contract or resurrect previously shelved projects.

Reno Contracting

Normally the only time Walt Fegley feels the blues is when he's playing blues guitar. But it has been a different story over the past three to four years; most contractors have been playing the blues.

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