The Daily Transcript is tracking all the issues surrounding medical marijuana.

  • Mentor Capital gets $1.3 million for marijuana biz

    San Diego-based Mentor Capital Inc. (OTCQB: MNTR) entered into a contract to receive $1.287 million in funding to support its medical marijuana efforts in exchange for 757,059 shares of stock at $1.70 per share.

  • Medical Marijuana selling Dixie Botanicals' products

    San Diego’s Medical Marijuana Inc. has expanded its hemp-derived line of cannabidiol products — similar to marijuana but lacking the high-producing THC component — with the acquisition of Dixie Botanicals in April, and last week began selling the Dixie brand from its new headquarters in Poway.

  • SD Council tightens pot dispensary rules

    Medical marijuana dispensaries will have to post warning signs on their products, which may face inspections for the presence of pesticides, molds and other toxins, under amended regulations passed almost unanimously by the San Diego City Council on Tuesday.

  • Proposed pot shops keep CEQA exemptions

    The San Diego City Council unanimously voted to keep 11 proposed sites for medical marijuana dispensaries exempt from state environmental regulations, despite challenges filed by a little-known figure who did not show up to the council deliberations.

  • City Attorney's office obtains order to close two marijuana dispensaries

    The City Attorney’s office obtained court orders Wednesday to close two more marijuana dispensaries that were operating in violation of San Diego’s zoning regulations.

  • City Attorney's office obtains order to close marijuana dispensary

    The City Attorney’s Office obtained a court order Thursday to close the Green Circle Cooperative marijuana dispensary in Mission Valley.

  • No marijuana dispensaries for La Mesa, Encinitas

    Voters in both La Mesa and Encinitas declared on Tuesday that they still don't want their cities to allow medical marijuana dispensaries.

  • La Mesa, Encinitas saying no to pot dispensaries

    La Mesa and Encinitas look poised to not join other cities, like San Diego, in creating a pathway for medical marijuana dispensaries to legally operate within their city limits, as building vote tallies from Tuesday's election indicated Proposition J and Proposition F were failing by significant margins.

  • Colorado court mulls legality of firing for pot use off job

    DENVER -- Pot may be legal in Colorado, but you can still be fired for using it.

  • Cancer patient avoids prison for growing marijuana

    DAVENPORT, Iowa -- A judge Tuesday gave probation rather than a prison sentence to a dying Iowa man convicted of growing marijuana and using it to treat his terminal cancer.

  • PB property owners fined $120,000 for operating marijuana shop

    The owners of a Pacific Beach commercial property, where marijuana dispensaries have continually operated, have been ordered to pay $120,000 in civil penalties and $1,800 in investigative costs to the city of San Diego for violating zoning laws.

  • NFL seeks right answer for marijuana use

    A Gallup poll last year found 58 percent of Americans believe marijuana should be legalized. That's already happened in Colorado and Washington -- the states that are home of last season's Super Bowl teams.

  • Pot backers in Washington, DC, get legalization on November ballot

    Washington voters in November will decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use, injecting the nation’s capital into the growing political push to roll back prohibition on the drug.

  • Moms’ Marijuana-for-Kids Campaign Seeks to Heal Epilepsy

    July 28 (Bloomberg) -- April Sintz is fighting to loosen marijuana laws for her 7-year-old epileptic son. She is one of hundreds of moms nationwide who have opened a new front in the drive to expand the drug’s legal use.

  • Recreational marijuana qualifies for Oregon ballot

    SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- Oregon voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use after state elections officials on Tuesday said the measure qualified for the November ballot.

  • House votes to allow marijuana-related banking

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House voted Wednesday in support of making it easier for banks to do business with legal pot shops and providers of medical marijuana.

  • Dispensaries aren't the only ones in marijuana biz -- local public companies deal in green, too

    Alongside the plethora of small-scale medical marijuana dispensaries dotting the San Diego business landscape, some bigger, public players have entered the market as well, and say they’re only prepared to grow -- so long as the government lets them.

  • Reporting rules worry marijuana dispensaries, growers

    Medical marijuana cultivators and sellers are fearful that the detailed documentation required of them by San Diego's regulations could impede legitimate business and open them to federal scrutiny.

  • Washington faces difficulties launching legal pot

    SEATTLE -- Pete O'Neil saw Washington's legalization of marijuana in 2012 as a path to retirement, or at least to his kids' college tuition.

  • Caught between legalization and zero tolerance

    With the exception of medical marijuana, it is illegal to possess any amount of any material deemed to be an illegal drug in 48 of the 50 states. When nearly two-thirds of Colorado voters changed that law as it concerns recreational marijuana in Colorado, surrounding states, Utah in particular, may have seen a potential for some extra cash.

  • Keep those pot plants potted: No more ripping weed

    DENVER (AP) -- Police in some medical marijuana states who once routinely seized illegal pot plants by ripping them out by their roots and stashing them away in musty evidence rooms to die are now thinking twice about the practice.

  • Washington prepares for marijuana retail sales

    OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) -- As Washington state prepares to issue the first licenses for marijuana retail stores, Gov. Jay Inslee and other state leaders on Tuesday announced a coordinated campaign to make sure pot stays out of the hands of minors once products start hitting store shelves next month.

  • Marijuana considered for looser restrictions in US review

    U.S. regulators are studying whether restrictions on marijuana should be eased, a step toward decriminalizing the drug at the federal level.

  • Pot tax collections booming in Colorado

    DENVER -- Colorado's marijuana market boomed in April as tens of thousands celebrated the once-underground 4/20 pot holiday.

  • San Diego to consider regulations to medical marijuana delivery

    Now that San Diego is regulating storefront medical marijuana clinics, the City Council is moving its attention to mobile dispensaries. Medical marijuana delivery services are not permitted. However, the marijuana dispensary locator website shows delivery or mobile medical marijuana providers in the city far outnumber storefronts.

  • SEC warns investors about marijuana-related investments

    The Securities and Exchange Commission Friday cautioned investors about the potential for fraud in microcap companies that claim their operations relate to the marijuana industry after the agency suspended trading on the fifth such company within the past two months.

  • Landlords lease to marijuana dispensaries at own peril

    Landlords who have marijuana dispensaries for tenants are taking a risk -- and nobody knows that better than Seymor Weksler, who is being forced to evict two of the facilities on El Cajon Boulevard by the end of May.

  • As marijuana laws change, lawyers see new roles

    Some 18 years after Californians decided to legalize medical marijuana, state and local politicians have finally gotten around to drafting comprehensive regulations for how the dispensaries should operate.

  • 'Amazing Race' begins for marijuana dispensaries

    Hundreds of would-be medical marijuana purveyors lined up Thursday in front of San Diego City Hall to apply for conditional-use permits to operate drug dispensaries in the city, under a recently adopted plan to authorize and strictly regulate sales of the drug.

  • Editorial: A medical marijuana mockery

    Marijuana sales in central San Diego are rampant and totally out of control.

  • Commercial landlords rent to pot stores at their risk

    If you are a commercial landlord and thinking about renting to a marijuana store, you'll need some facts.

  • Weed growing in central San Diego

    The City Council's Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee on Wednesday will discuss amending San Diego municipal code related to the possession of marijuana for medical purposes and the operations of medical marijuana cooperatives.

  • Pot shop enforcement in transition, city says

    Zoning regulations affecting San Diego medical marijuana dispensaries took effect March 27, but some dispensaries in violation of the new rules have yet to be closed.

  • My trip to the pot shop

    It's 9 a.m. on a weekday, and I'm at the Marisol Therapeutics pot shop in Pueblo West, Colo. This is serious business. Security is tight. ID checks are frequent. Merchandise is strictly regulated, labeled, wrapped and controlled. The store is clean, bright and safe. The staffers are courteous and professional. Customers of all ages are here.

  • Colorado court says lawyers can advise pot clients

    DENVER (AP) -- Colorado attorneys can advise marijuana businesses on how to navigate the industry's legal complexities without fear of punishment, the state's Supreme Court said Monday.

  • Marijuana firm takes stage at chamber

    There was an amount of irony when Charles Vest rose to the stage at the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce's annual dinner on Tuesday night, to present the association's award for "business of the year" to local website developer Automatic Corp.

  • Council passes medical marijuana restrictions

    After four years of debate, the San Diego City Council on Tuesday supported a resolution to authorize fewer than 30 medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in the city -- a sharp drop from the 140 or so that have been operating without permits during the past couple years.

  • City attorney settles with 2 medical marijuana dispensaries

    Two Pacific Beach marijuana dispensaries have signed civil settlement agreements with the San Diego city attorney’s office, permanently restraining them from operating a marijuana dispensary in the city of San Diego.

  • San Diego acting mayor says prosecute pot shops

    SAN DIEGO (AP) -- San Diego's acting mayor says he's asked his office to enforce the city's zoning laws preventing medical marijuana dispensaries, reversing a hands-off order from recently resigned Mayor Bob Filner.

  • Medical marijuana remains a battlefield in San Diego

    As the San Diego City Council last week moved to draft new rules governing medical marijuana, the hearing room was packed with cancer patients praising the health benefits of cannabis; parents fretting that their children might get hooked on the drug; dispensary operators touting the tax dollars they could bring the city; and clergymen worrying about how the drug might boost crime rates and loosen morals. The proponents were buoyed by recent polls showing that 77 percent of Americans support decriminalizing medical marijuana, including 52 percent who say the drug should be totally legalized.

  • Legal pot complicates drug-free work policies

    DENVER (AP) -- Pot may be legal, but workers may want to check with their boss first before they grab the pipe or joint during off hours.

  • Medical marijuana taken over by profiteers, federal prosecutors say

    The muscular young man with greasy hair, tattered clothing and a menacing demeanor sauntered into an L.A. fast food emporium the other day, his breath reeking of liquor and his demands very frank.

  • U.S. attorneys announce crackdown on marijuana shops

    California's four U.S. attorneys gathered in Sacramento Friday to announce a coordinated effort aimed at combating illegal marijuana operations in the state.

  • Judge closes 9 marijuana dispensaries in S.D.

    A San Diego judge signed orders closing nine marijuana dispensaries, the San Diego city attorney's office announced Wednesday.

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