San Diego Entrepreneur spotlights San Diego’s enterprising people and their ventures. The Daily Transcript is also teaming up for this year's EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards. Find out who made the cut inside.

  • Six companies named San Diego's Entrepreneurs of the Year

    Kathleen Sellick, president and CEO of Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego, accepted the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for social responsibility on behalf of the hospital’s leadership team.

  • Cadence Pharmaceuticals Inc.

    Ted Schroeder started Cadence Pharmaceuticals Inc. from his kitchen table in 2004. After working in the pharmaceutical industry for years and noticing inefficiencies in delivering quality drugs to hospitals, Schroeder wanted to do things differently.

  • Honoring world-class entrepreneurs for 28 years

    The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year awards program is the premier mark of world-class individuals leading world-class companies. It is a competitive award with an independently governed judging panel and a precise due diligence process that positions it above all others. It recognizes leaders who are driving successful, innovative businesses, and celebrates their exemplary performance.

  • Can’t find Fido? There’s a Tagg for that

    Lost since May 28: Pug, goes by Otis. Last seen wearing a red collar. If found, call 555-5555. Reward.

  • 2014 is a good year for venture capital fundraising

    The local venture capital environment took a tumble in 2013, posting $768 million in investments in local companies, down from $1.2 billion in 2012 according to PricewaterhouseCoopers National Venture Capital Association MoneyTree Report.

  • iboss Network Security

    Fraternal twins, Paul and Peter Martini quit their computer engineering jobs to found iboss Network Security in 2004. Iboss is a fast-growing leading provider of Web and mobile network security solutions.

  • ACCESS Destination Services

    Chris Lee grew up working in the family travel business, California Leisure Consultants. In college, he co-founded a successful hotel marketing and software startup, selling it 20 months later. When his parents were preparing to retire in 1989, Lee bought the family business, now known as ACCESS Destination Services. The company provides destination management services for everything from creative program design and unique special event production, to transportation logistics, corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and activities.

  • GovX Inc.

    Marc Van Buskirk and Anthony Farwell launched GovX in 2011. While working at Oakley, Buskirk realized there was an opportunity for manufacturers to sell directly to a military member holding proper supporting documentation.

  • ChiroTouch

    ChiroTouch, by Integrated Practice Solutions Inc., is the premier provider of innovative, fully certified chiropractic software technology solutions for the chiropractic industry. Fusing advanced software systems with superior support services, ChiroTouch partners with chiropractors across the country to help them automate operations, improve patient care and increase profitability.

  • The Biotechnology Industry Organization: An advocate for innovators

    Innovations from the biotechnology industry have changed the landscape of business by bringing promising medical, agricultural and environmental products to the market. Since 1982, when insulin was approved as the first recombinant DNA drug, dozens of drugs relying on recombinant DNA techniques have been approved for treating diverse diseases and hundreds more are in development. The pioneering nature of the biotechnology industry, and the entrepreneurs driving these innovations, account for the continued growth of this industry since its inception.

  • Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego

    A new idea. A different approach. A better solution. From the research lab to the bedside, Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego brings a passion for innovation to every moment, always striving for excellence, always seeking to advance. Never forgetting that kids come first.

  • Catterton Partners

    Catterton Partners is the leading consumer-focused private equity firm with more than $4 billion currently under management and a 25-year track record of success in building high-growth companies.

  • Receptos Inc.

    In 2010, Faheem Hasnain joined Receptos Inc., a biotech company that focuses on immunology and metabolic disorders and develops assets that fall between big pharma and biotech.

  • Rady Children’s Hospital

    Starting as a candy striper at 16, Kathleen Sellick held numerous health care positions before landing at Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego in 2006. There, she managed the hospital’s relationships with major health systems and academic institutions. When she arrived, RCH was dissolving its partnership with the University of San Diego, but Sellick persuaded them to continue their relationship.

  • Pirch Inc.

    After a horrible experience trying to outfit his new home, Jim Stuart was inspired to found Pirch Inc. with Jeffrey Sears. PIRCH is a specialty retailer of premium appliances and decorative plumbing, which focuses on providing a highly immersive experience in which customers can discover exciting new ways to feather their nest.

  • Perfect Bar

    After his father died of skin cancer in 2009, Bill Keith took over the family business now known as Perfect Bar. The company churns out non-GMA, gluten-free nutritional bars that include whole food supplements, peanut butter and organic honey. Perfect Bars are cold-pressed and handmade in the company’s certified organic kitchen using a proprietary method that includes no chemical preservatives, artificial ingredients or refined sugars. Unlike most power bars, Perfect Bar needs to be refrigerated.

  • OncoSec Medical Inc.

    Punit Dhillon founded OncoSec Medical Inc. in 2011. This biotech company focuses on developing non-debilitating, innovative treatments for advance stage skin cancer based on proprietary immunotherapy technology. After witnessing the difficult emotional and physical side effects chemotherapy had on a friend, Dhillon was motivated to develop a less invasive alternative to chemotherapy that enables patients to maintain their quality of life.

  • Mor Furniture for Less

    Rick Haux has worked in nearly every position of Mor Furniture for Less since it began as his father’s waterbed emporium in 1977.

  • Lytx Inc.

    In 2008, self-described challenge junkie Brandon Nixon joined DriveCam, which became Lytx Inc. in 2013. Using sensors in vehicles that provide data, which is run through predictive analytics, Lytx develops videos to help change driving habits and reduce collisions.

  • Lumena Pharmaceuticals Inc.

    After working at a venture capital firm, building biotech companies and delivering lifesaving therapies to patients, Mike Grey used his experience to co-found Lumena Pharmaceuticals Inc. in 2011.

  • J!NX

    Sean Gailey has been a geeky, programming, artistic, fantasy-loving gamer since he was 7. In 1999, he pioneered a space by founding J!NX, a lifestyle clothing and toy company that revolves around gaming and geek culture.

  • Everyone Counts

    The first Iraqi election in 2005 sparked Lori J. Steele to develop Everyone Counts, an online voting service. Steele quit her successful career as an investment adviser to ensure that every person in the world with the legal right to vote has the ability to do so -- securely, privately, independently and knowing their ballot will be accurately counted. Everyone Counts provides a secure, cost-effective, streamlined technological solution to voting, and it delivers irrefutable elections.

  • Elite Services

    After seeing security guards manhandle a child at a baseball game, John Kontopuls was inspired to found Elite in 1995. Elite provides staffing, consulting, management and analyst services to major corporations, venues and franchises throughout the United States.

  • ChiroTouch

    Ron McNeill was a consultant when a chiropractor asked him for a platform to help run his business. Inspired to create a software system capable of revolutionizing the chiropractic profession, McNeill began developing ChiroTouch in his home office in 1999.

  • Uber sets valuation record of $17B in new fundraising

    Uber Technologies Inc. is creating a new category of hot startup: the $17 billion club.


  • Changing the world one dinner plate at a time

    Activist and entrepreneur Ellen Gustafson understands the misconceptions surrounding today’s food movement, and she has devoted her life to debunking the idea that it’s too hard or expensive to eat foods that benefit both our health and the global economy.

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