The Daily Transcript presents SourceBook 2014, featuring our database of San Diego's top companies.

  • Mid year, San Diego’s hospitality industry has seen several power plays

    There have been major shifts in San Diego’s hospitality industry in the first half of 2014, with new ownership stakes in where to dine, vacation and celebrate. Controversy over one of the city’s biggest visitor attractions and plans for the Balboa Park centennial also dominated headlines.

  • South County scandal, budget issues dominate headlines

    Past corruption in some South County school districts was a continued focus through early 2014, but news with tie-ins to state budgeting for schools also made headlines.

  • San Diego welcomes new year with new leadership in City Hall

    The first half of 2014 marked a turnaround for San Diego, with new leadership in City Hall, new funds to improve the city's infrastructure, new growth for companies' stock prices and a new strength in the local job market. There are still major challenges, especially since many of the new jobs in the city pay less than what was paid before the recession.

  • Life sciences, tech clusters see surge of activity

    San Diego ranks third on the list of top life sciences clusters in the United States, but the industry saw volatility in the first half of the year, with stocks that surged and then slumped. The first half of 2014 in the San Diego tech scene was filled with some welcome financial news and a call to arms for the startup community.

  • Industry sees growth, unveiling of landmark projects

    San Diego’s construction industry seems to be making a shift from residential to nonresidential as statistics suggest improvement in commercial and public projects. There is also future growth in the South Bay: Developers for project centerpieces are needed for the Chula Vista Bayfront Master Plan.

  • Defense industry asked to do more with less

    Military needs are being reshaped as the U.S. armed forces undergo a period of transition amid a fiscally constrained environment. Industry partners have been asked to be adaptive and innovative in fulfilling escalating needs for reconnaissance and surveillance systems, unmanned vehicles and cybersecurity solutions -- for less money.

  • Banks increase lending, great time for IPOs

    San Diego continues a steady recovery that has, in many aspects, beat expectations. Unemployment is down and household net worth is up. The IPO market is strong, retail sales are on the rise and bank performance has improved, paving the way for greater small-business lending. Still, many experts agree that the economy, housing markets and labor situation remain fragile.

  • VA scandal, medical marijuana were top health stories

    In the first half of the year, Obamacare and the VA hospital scandal dominated national news. In San Diego, health care facility construction continued to be an area of high activity, and there was news of shake-ups at two health groups and new regulations pertaining to medical marijuana.

  • Campaign scandal, Supreme Court rulings top 2014 legal stories

    A campaign finance scandal, a contentious district attorney race and some controversial Supreme Court rulings were among the most talked about stories in the legal community for the first half of 2014.

  • Highlights in residential and commercial real estate

    Home prices continued an upward trend in the first half of 2014 while the number of foreclosures declined from 2013 and the mortgage market returned to a majority purchase market. Some big commercial property sales occurred and Mission Valley still has room to grow.


  • Tech innovations challenge military, training

    Even with minimally manned ships and unmanned aerial systems coming online quickly for the military, the key to success is still getting the right people to the right place at the right time. This is further complicated in an era of declining budgets and fiscal uncertainty.

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