Property Management - April 2002 : Facility Forum 2002

In conjunction with BOMA San Diego and Facility Forum 2002, this special section looks at the issues property managers are facing today. Included is information on managing corporate campuses, new from BOMA, and an overview of the events for Facility Forum 2002.

  • 707 Broadway has a new face in downtown

    Managing an 18-story, 220,000-square-foot, high-rise building during major renovations is all just part of the job. The Washington Mutual Tower located at 707 Broadway is currently going through major rehabilitation. Susan St. John, on-site property manager with Meissner Jacquet Investment Management Services at 707 Broadway, shared what it is like to manage a building during extensive renovations.

  • Extending roof life on commercial properties

    Roofs deteriorate. This is normal for any roof system exposed to sun, smog, wind, rain, heat, cold, foot traffic, etc. Can anything be done to prolong roof life? Yes, here are some commonly asked questions regarding commercial roofs and roofing contractors.

  • Spectrum Property Management: San Diego's No. 1 independent company

    "Managing properties as if they were our own." It's our way of doing business, and we take it seriously, since it is the primary reason Spectrum Property Management is San Diego's No. 1 independent company.

  • Terrorism insurance tops agenda of 2002 legislative agenda

    "We will move forward together" was the predominant theme among the 350 delegates who attended the recent Building Owners and Managers Association's Winter Business Meeting and Leadership Conference.

  • New window cleaning standard impacts property managers

    Recently, the American National Standards Institute formally approved the I-14.1 Standard for window cleaning. The standard is the result of nearly five years of hard work by a collection of window cleaning contractors, labor unions, the International Window Cleaners Association, BOMA International and industry experts.

  • Landscaping increases the value of commercial property

    When people think about increasing the value of their commercial property, they typically focus on structural changes. Remodeling the interior or improving the facade of a property will enhance its value, but dollar for dollar, the best investment you can make in a commercial property is improving the landscaping.

  • AED initiatives move forward

    Congress and the federal agencies have been proactively moving forward on several initiatives concerning automated external defibrillators, or AEDs. The Building Owners and Managers Association International has been tracking these issues with great interest and has prepared the following status report. Each of these initiatives provides monetary incentives to broaden implementation of Public Access Defibrillation programs at the state and local levels.

  • Care, consistency and communications describe successful high-rise facility management

    The role of property management in high-rise office buildings is essential in a cyclical economy. When the economy fluctuates, property management must remain strong to keep the building a notch above the rest. The stability of a high-rise office tower as an asset is determined by the performance of building management and the retention of tenants.

  • BOMA San Diego solicits entries for Office Building of the Year and Earth awards

    Today, more than ever, Americans feel a strong sense of pride and emotional attachment to buildings that define city skylines. For 18 years, BOMA has recognized the architectural and economic significance of commercial office buildings in the American culture. This year's TOBY awards program promises to have even greater meaning than in years past.

  • Commercial real estate industry scores major victory with passage of economic stimulus package

    The Building Owners and Managers Association continues to celebrate President Bush's recent signing of an economic stimulus package -- several sections of which are considered a major victory for the commercial real estate industry. The Job Creation and Work Assistance Act of 2002 contains several important business-related tax breaks that will directly aid owners of commercial real estate properties, many of whom were particularly hard hit by a changed environment following Sept. 11.

  • Facility managers offered exclusive behind-the-scenes facility tours

    From construction projects through physical security and safety to space planning, the job of a facility manager is never done. Quite often, with ever-changing standards and codes, it is almost impossible to keep up-to-date. One of the show highlights of Facility Forum 2002 includes exclusive behind-the-scenes facility tours at the San Diego Zoo, Peregrine Systems and San Diego State University on April 24.

  • BOMA San Diego discounts its dues for new members

    Founded in 1967, BOMA San Diego is the largest local professional association devoted exclusively to the office building industry. Principal members represent all facets of the commercial real estate industry and include property managers, facility managers, owners, asset managers and engineers. Combined, these individuals represent more than 900 million square feet of office space in San Diego.

  • Facility Forum 2002: It's show time!

    The fifth annual Facility Forum will take place April 21-24 at the San Diego Convention Center in downtown San Diego. Noted as one of the nation's favorite meeting and convention destinations, San Diego combines a relaxed, resort appeal with exciting urban sophistication and an array of world-class attractions. It is also recognized globally as the nation's fastest growing mecca for the biomedical, high-tech and telecommunications industries.

  • Minimizing disruption to tenants during construction remodeling

    Tenant improvement remodeling projects can pose a number of issues for property management firms. Whether it is the build out of a single suite or the renovation of an entire building, property managers must be concerned about safety issues, indoor air pollution, traffic patterns, aesthetic appearance and general disruption to tenants' businesses.

  • Facilities management plays vital role in long-term corporate planning

    Corporate real estate is the second highest cost component of the typical corporation's budget, typically representing at least 25 percent of the company balance sheet and ranking just behind personnel.

  • Business parks offer management challenges

    Managing a business park presents a different set of challenges compared to managing a homeowner's association for a condominium, town home or single-family home community.

  • Industry trends show progress despite adversity

    The world has changed drastically since last year. The events of Sept. 11 have had a strong impact on every aspect of facility management. However, positive breakthroughs have also been made in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning; roofing; refurbishing; lighting; furniture; and security.

  • SAIC works on challenges of maintaining corporate campus

    Imagine overseeing a facility with more than 2,700 employees. Imagine facilitating the maintenance for over 670,000 square feet of office space, all in one location. Imagine dealing with other issues that constantly arise when managing a property of this size.

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