Law Week 2004 - Monday - Full Service Law Firms

The Daily Transcript celebrates Law Week 2004 with our annual week-long series honoring the business of law and the legal system. Today's feature takes a look at a new form of law being practiced -- transformational law. We will also profile some innovative practice groups within local full service law firms, and discuss the power of mediation.

  • Why mediation works

    To those without experience in the mediation process, there may be understandable skepticism as to whether a trip to mediation will result in resolution after direct discussions between the parties have failed. There is an emotional component to almost every dispute, and as time wears on, the foremost emotions of anger and frustration grow more intense. It may puzzle some people as to how mediation with someone who knows very little about the parties or their dispute will result in settlement.

  • National firm grows San Diego corporate practice

    Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP's San Diego and Del Mar Heights offices have grown by recently adding a team of five to the Corporate Practice Group. The firm's additions, including partners John J. Hentrich and John D. Tishler, bring a mix of securities and technology deal expertise to their high-tech and other emerging growth clients.

  • Divorce mediation: More choices for Mary and Fred

    Mediation is a less-expensive, less-adversarial and more private method of getting divorced, and it provides people more choices than a judge has in court. The case of Mary and Fred illustrates these differences.

  • Fish & Richardson: Three mission-critical practice areas

    Fish & Richardson is well known as the only law firm with a truly national intellectual property practice. With a 125-year history rich with representing some of the world's most important innovators -- the Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison, to name a few -- some might think that Fish & Richardson would be content to rest upon its laurels.

  • Judicate West moving ahead

    In its second decade as one of California's leading dispute resolution providers, primarily serving Southern California, Judicate West is enjoying its second year of operation at their first full-service staffed office in San Diego County.

  • McKenna Long & Aldridge's legal solutions stay ahead of the curve

    McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP (MLA) is an international law firm comprising approximately 375 lawyers and public policy advisers with offices in Atlanta, Brussels, Denver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. A full-service law firm, our attorneys provide the critical industry knowledge and quality of service that today's clients demand from their law firm. Our clients include numerous Fortune 500 firms, mid-size companies, major government contractors and nonprofit organizations.

  • 'Sue your boss' law has corporate attorneys worried about big claims

    Labor lawyers are advising California businesses to audit their employment practices or risk a surge of lawsuits by employees. A little noticed law signed by Gov. Gray Davis last October allows employees to sue their employer for any violation of the state's labor code. The law took effect in January.

  • Judges turn toward alternative dispute resolution

    Two retired Superior Court judges who have spent much of their careers in the courtroom, have launched a dispute resolution practice in San Diego to offer alternatives for those dissatisfied with the traditional judicial process.

  • New California employment laws

    What you don't know can hurt you. Especially when it comes to employment law. The following is a review of the 2003 California legislation affecting employers. Remember, knowledge is power, and often there are preventative steps you can take now to avoid trouble down the road.

  • When sports, law and passion collide

    hat do you call a lawyer who believes plaintiffs and defendants don't routinely lie?

  • Unique IT infrastructure provides Best Best & Krieger with powerful and scalable client service tools

    Best Best & Krieger is among California's largest and fastest growing law firms. Last year, with more than 150 attorneys in six offices across the state, BB&K knew that it needed to strengthen its information technology systems to accommodate continued growth and geographic expansion. The firm committed itself to building a leading edge information technology infrastructure within six months. Rather than taking a traditional approach of adding servers, software and support staff to meet client service and practice management demands, BB&K employed a unique solution, utilizing virtualization software to provide a powerful and scalable system.

  • New approaches to law transforming for clients and lawyers

    In recent years, a growing number of lawyers and clients have expressed frustration and disillusionment over the traditional adversarial approach to settling disputes. While alternatives such as mediation have been around for some time, those seeking better ways to resolve disputes, ranging from divorce cases to misdemeanor crimes, now have a host of new methods from which to choose.

  • San Diego County Bar Association Law Week 2004 schedule of events

    Monday, May 3

  • Law Week celebrates legal system

    Every spring, attorneys, bar associations and legal organizations throughout the country - and in some parts of the world - to celebrate the system of law and its history.

  • Identifying shared interests a key to resolving property dispute

    Joe, Martha, George and Anna had been fighting over their parents' home and 5 acres for 10 years. They had endured four lawsuits amongst each other, some resulting in judgments that had been enforced. Four years ago, the home burned to the ground with no insurance to rebuild, leaving a vacant lot to fight over. Each side had gone through two or more lawyers. The family had been torn apart through bitterness, anger and strong feelings of injustice.