Nuffer, Smith, Tucker Celebrates 30 Years

Relive part of public relations history and catch a glimpse of its future in this Daily Transcript special feature as Nuffer, Smith, Tucker celebrates its 30th anniversary.

  • Nuffer, Smith, Tucker: The First 30 Years

    In the beginning, we were two employees in a small office. Thirty years later there are 30, the firm operates from the entire top floor of the Washington Mutual building in downtown San Diego and we have added the "largest" to the "oldest" as descriptive adjectives of the firm.

  • E-communications takes relationship building to next level

    In 1974, the birth-year of NST, Web historians tell us the term "the Internet" was first coined in a technical paper.

  • Here's to 30 years

    1974. Hank Aaron ties Babe Ruth's home-run record. "Joker" by the Steve Miller Band peaks at No. 1. Ray Kroc, McDonald's CEO, buys the San Diego Padres for $12 million. First-class postage is raised to 10 cents. Nuffer, Smith, Tucker public relations is founded.

  • 'Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is'

    Strategic, influential, passionate ... These are the three terms opinion leaders use most often when asked their perception of Nuffer, Smith, Tucker, according to a survey we commissioned as part of our own company strategic planning.

  • Design in mind means overall success

    The addition of design and graphic elements to any communication campaign used to be thought of as icing on the cake -- nice, but not a necessity. Today, however, that philosophy has changed. A branding, advertising or public relations campaign is no longer complete until the design and graphic elements have been incorporated.

  • WorldCom Public Relations Group offers global access, local focus

    "Globalization is a fact of life, and as manufacturing, technology, agriculture and other businesses continue to move into other, and often multiple countries, the service providers of these businesses must also be equipped to 'go global,'" said Bill Trumpfheller, president of Nuffer, Smith, Tucker.

  • Office culture mixes hard work, play

    Just as each society has its own values, beliefs and norms, each workplace possesses a unique social system, ways of behavior or "office culture" that defines an organization.

  • The importance of community service

    A community is only as strong as its weakest link. Our city is only as great as its people and the collective passion we possess for making San Diego a better place to live for each member of our community.

  • The next 30 years in public relations

    David Nuffer and Robert Smith not only watched public relations grow and mature during the 30 years since they co-founded Nuffer, Smith & Associates -- they led the change. Adding Kerry Tucker to the team accelerated change.