San Diego New Business Guide - 2004

From banking tips to the latest marketing tools, this reference guide provides valuable information to small business owners at all stages of growth. Program materials on the U.S. Small Business Administration annual awards luncheon is also included.

  • SBA contractor awards

    SBA Region IX Sub-Contractor Award of Excellence Bob Hannah Pell Mell Supply Inc. Sponsor: National Steel and Shipbuilding Company

  • Steps to preparing your company for its banking needs

    Whether your business is just starting up with a checking account and limited additional banking needs, or you are preparing to enter into a complex acquisition transaction financed in part with the proceeds of a commercial loan, the ease with which your business can satisfy its present and future banking needs will depend upon a variety of factors.

  • National City business community continues to thrive

    As it heads into its third century, the business community in National City is varied and thriving. Located close to the Mexican border and offering easy shipping, rail and freeway access, San Diego County's second oldest city is experiencing solid growth and is attracting new ventures and projects.

  • Small businesses reap the rewards of workplace excellence

    North Island Credit Union believes in putting people -- members and employees -- first. The credit union's formula for success has proven that employee satisfaction drives member satisfaction, and that, in turn, drives a strong bottom line. North Island Credit Union places value on every employee as an individual, and provides each with a career rather than just a job.

  • Qualistics solves age-old business problem

    Although most customers remain loyal patrons when their most recent experience with frontline employees were good ones, many companies have relied primarily on marketing gimmicks and low prices to bring customers back.

  • The right bank, the right SBA solution

    As a business owner, are you looking for ways to maximize the efficiency of your company? One way to accomplish this is a properly structured balance sheet. Matching short-term needs with short-term loans and long-term needs with long-term loans is one of the easiest ways to meet your goals.

  • Community Health Group offers competitive plans

    Community Health Group is the oldest nonprofit health plan in San Diego County. We have been providing health care services to San Diego County's growing and diverse population since 1982 and currently serve over 100,000 members. Our plan members have a wide network of health care practitioners, hospitals and ancillary providers from which to choose.

  • Business Improvement District 'BID Businesses of the Year'

    Robert Leiker

  • Business Improvement District (BID) Council awards

    Robert Leiker

  • SBA small business lenders of the year

    SBA lenders in San Diego and across the country have achieved outstanding results year after year, especially during the last year. It took great effort and partnership to achieve these results.

  • SBA award winners represent variety of San Diego businesses

    Small Business Person of the Year

  • U.S. Small Business Administration award winners

    Small Business Person of the Year

  • Awards luncheon honors small businesses, owners

    Once again, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce is teaming up with the Small Business Administration, North Island Credit Union and The Daily Transcript to celebrate small business at the 2004 San Diego Small Business Awards, featuring the North Island Credit Union "Excellence in the Work Environment" award.

  • Risk or risky? Knowing the difference in investing will determine your future

    By definition, an entrepreneur is one who assumes the risk of a business or venture. Self-made men and women can often point to their ability to assume risk and thrive in uncertain situations as a key to success. These business owners have become successful by seeking risk and concentrating their assets and efforts.

  • Seller beware: The unsolicited proposal to buy your company

    As an entrepreneur, you may regularly get letters that say:

  • Blogs becoming latest business marketing tool

    Do you blog? According to Entrepreneur Magazine, blogs are one of the hottest and coolest Web-based communication strategies. Current estimates place the number of blogs at 4 million plus and growing every day.

  • Financial metrics for professional service firms

    Let's face it. We're in business to make money. But do we actually have all the information we need to do that?

  • North Island Credit Union providing comprehensive services for small businesses

    North Island Credit Union marked a milestone late last year by becoming the first credit union to fund Small Business Administration 504 loans in two counties -- San Diego and Orange.

  • The four Cs of financing a business

    Finding financing for a growing business often proves to be an entrepreneur's biggest challenge. The loan process can be so frustrating that it leaves some feeling, as one local business person put it, they've "been turned down more than the sheets at the Holiday Inn."

Archived Reports

San Diego New Business Guide - 2005

In this special report, we offer a variety of resources available to business owners, including advice for getting your business off the ground and growing it to a successful establishment. This report also serves as the program guide for the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce's annual Small Business Awards Luncheon.