Smart Living Feature Week 2004 - Monday: East County

In this four-day feature, The Daily Transcript will explore the pros and cons of smart growth throughout the region.

  • Smart growth planning yielding results in downtown El Cajon

    A robust revitalization is under way in El Cajon, with new buildings, restaurants, businesses, and hip new urban housing projects popping up seemingly on every street corner, while improvements to streetscapes, parking, signage and other infrastructure enhancements are redefining the landscape.

  • Schwarzenegger promises 'Hydrogen Highway' by 2010

    [IMAGE=schwarzenegger_hydrogen.jpg CAPTION= California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger fills a hydrogen-powered vehicle in Sacramento last month. Schwarzenegger signed an executive order calling for a network of fuel stations be built along major highways by the end of the decade where hydrogen-powered vehicles can refuel, as a way to encourage consumers to buy clean air vehicles.

  • El Cajon smart growth in action