State Route 56: Road to Riches? - July 2004

In this special news report, The Daily Transcript takes a look at how this long-awaited, $220 million freeway will impact North County. We'll review the sometimes troubled journey to its completion and provide details of the July 17 ribbon-cutting celebration.

  • Freeway's economic impact wide open

    On Saturday, government officials, business leaders, local residents, a ribbon, and a pair of scissors will be on hand to celebrate the completion of state Route 56.

  • New freeway could help boost value to adjacent homes

    The opening of state Route 56 is bound to make adjacent communities? livability more desirable, San Diego County real estate experts predict. Access to the Interstate corridor probably means a boost to home values in the area.

  • State Route 56 facts

    Overall goals

  • Get your kicks on SR 56

    Anyone who has ever felt the urge to ride their bike on an empty freeway can participate in the three-mile community bike ride on the newly completed section of state Route 56 Saturday morning at 10:30.

  • Route 56 opening a time for celebration, more planning

    Local officials remember the potholes that came up on the way to a completed state Route 56 and they're already making plans to repair new ones.

  • Developers hoping for a fix on opening last leg of state Route 56

    After the better part of two decades of planning, litigation and other turmoil, the final leg of state Route 56 is slated to open the weekend of July 17.