The Daily Transcript takes an in-depth look at this vibrant sector of our local economy. We discuss what's going on in the biotech arena and explore the latest technologies, as well as review the latest intellectual property issues, and more.

  • Poway's business park is ideal for expansion, relocation

    Poway's reputation as the ideal home for prominent businesses in San Diego County has never been stronger. For companies looking to expand or relocate their operations, the city of Poway offers a central location, an optimum quality of life, a continuum of affordable housing and development incentives tailored to businesses.

  • Fish & Richardson speaks the language of technology

    Drafting and prosecuting patent applications that protect a biotechnical and pharmaceutical invention requires legal skills ... and a lot more.

  • Burnham Life Sciences Group spans two decades

    Burnham Real Estate's Life Sciences Group is San Diego County's most experienced real estate team specializing exclusively in meeting the needs of biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

  • Biocom focuses on capital formation

    They say August is the dog days of summer. As we head into Labor Day weekend, which marks the close of summer, August is traditionally vacation time, as people spend time with their families before the school year starts and the fall fundraising season begins.

  • Improved biotech leasing activity indicates market recovery

    Where the local biotech real estate market is concerned, 2004 has been a year of gradual recovery punctuated by periods of dynamic activity. And although tenants are facing a growing shortage of specific types of space, rental rate increases have yet to follow, according to Burnham Real Estate's Life Sciences Group.

  • Intellectual property rights in Canada, China eroding

    Recent developments in Canada and China have curtailed the rights of patent holders, particularly in the pharmaceutical area. As many U.S. companies hold or are seeking patents in these countries, it is important to take note of these significant changes.

  • Twentieth century biotech space in the 21st century

    Startup biotechnology companies in 2004 face significant concerns associated with selecting a facility.

  • Biotech executives offer lessons learned during recent IPOs

    Like the stock market, real estate prices and fashion trends, the opportunity or "window" for initial public offerings (IPOs) is cyclical. An IPO occurs when a company transitions from being privately owned to having its stock traded publicly on the Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange or similar market.

  • State bond measure could propagate local embryonic stem cell research

    Local researchers say San Diego could become the "Silicon Valley of embryonic stem cell research" if afforded the right mix of local talent, infrastructure and funding.

  • Drug firms in United States, Europe move biotech work to India

    BANGALORE, India (AP) -- Drug makers in the United States and Europe are increasingly moving clinical trials and research work to India, which helped Indian firms earn $54 million in revenue in the last fiscal year, a trade body said in August.

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