With so many new names and faces emerging in today's banking and finance community, competition among area banks remains tough. Find out what's going on in our local banking world in this annual special report.

  • Checks and balances: New rules, new strategies for bank customers in the 21st century

    How often do you visit or have some contact with your bank? Chances are you'd say it's only once in a while and certainly not every day. But if you think about it, you probably do have dealings with your bank almost every day through your checking account.

  • Temecula Valley Bank continues to report profitability

    Temecula Valley Bank, N.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Temecula Valley Bancorp Inc., is a $500 million commercial bank serving communities in North and East San Diego County and throughout the Inland Empire.

  • Local credit union grows with San Diego

    San Diego County Credit Union has been growing with the San Diego community for more than 65 years. During this time, the county has experienced tremendous expansion. Today, new homes are being built on once vacant hillsides, and new lanes are under construction to ease our traffic congested freeway system.

  • The 'e' revolution: convenience and security

    Banking is one of the world's oldest institutions. While its basic tenets of success -- to protect its customers' money and to invest wisely in homes and businesses -- have never changed, the ways banks have conducted business to increase convenience and security have been constantly evolving. Today, in the age of worldwide e-commerce, balancing convenience and security is increasingly challenging.

  • Banks, credit unions realize exceptional benefits through outsourcing

    For many financial companies, particularly those that are expanding, growing or undertaking a new business venture, utilizing the expertise and resources of an outsourcing firm is a smart business decision. That's why several new and existing banks in San Diego County and growing credit unions are among the many financial institutions turning to Outsourced Management Services for highly qualified, temporary expertise.

  • Phishing: Don't get hooked

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a consumer alert in June 2004 to call attention to a new illegal trick to get you to give away personal information. According to the alert:

  • Legacy Bank offers convenience, complete picture of finances

    Those who previously relied on unrelated products and services to meet their financial needs are now enjoying expanded services and a single point of contact through Legacy Bank's partner network.

  • Landmark Bank committed to quality service

    Landmark National Bank's goal is to follow in the tradition of a number of former San Diego community banks that were committed to providing the highest quality personal service and to be good corporate citizens. To meet those goals, we have staffed our bank with experienced local bankers who know the community, have the desire to serve our clients and are personally involved in the community.

  • More than a transaction, business banking is a relationship

    Finding a suitable match with the right business banker can be a difficult task requiring comprehensive, careful and in-depth research.

  • Making a difference one member at a time

    There are many things that make credit unions different from other financial service providers. One of these differences is our mission to assist members with their financial well being beyond simply offering low fees and great rates.

  • The interest rate seesaw: What you should know

    Interest rates -- which way will they go? They're up one day and down the next. A diverse set of factors can cause interest rates to turn one way or the other: oil prices, actions by the Federal Reserve, world events, domestic job creation and inflation, just to name a few.

  • James L. McPheters

    James L. McPheters is president and chief executive officer of California Coast Credit Union, which was founded in 1929 as San Diego Teachers' Credit Union to serve the financial needs of San Diego's educational community.

  • Ronald J. Carlson

    Ronald Carlson has had a distinguished 44-year banking career in San Diego. He was president of Scripps Bank from 1983 until 2000. During the 10 years prior, Carlson was executive vice president and senior loan officer for La Jolla Bank and Trust company before being promoted to president and chief operating officer in 1979. Since entering the banking industry in 1960, Carlson has also held various management positions with Bank of Rancho Bernardo, Bank of California, California First Bank and Bank of America.

  • Michael E. Perry

    The San Diego community banking scene is a thriving and competitive environment these days. With more than a dozen new banks opening their doors in the last couple of years, in addition to several established entities, consumers have a myriad choices when it comes to fulfilling their specific financial needs.

  • Michael Maslak

    Michael Maslak is the president and CEO of North Island Credit Union. Inspired by the credit union's vision of "providing people the means to achieve their dreams," he oversees a world-class organization of business and administrative talent committed to providing exceptional financial services to credit union members throughout San Diego, Riverside and Orange counties.

  • Randy Cundiff

    In just three and one-half years, Randy Cundiff, president of Sunrise Bank of San Diego, has built one of San Diego's fastest-growing community banks, with more than $80 million in total assets.

  • Rod Calvao

    A San Diego resident since 1965, Rod Calvao knows San Diego County Credit Union's customers and the community. Before taking the helm of San Diego's largest financial institution, Calvao served as auditor and controller at the county of San Diego for 11 years.

  • A. Vincent Siciliano

    1st Pacific Bank of California is a star performer among San Diego County's wave of 14 de novo community banks, and A. Vincent Siciliano, president and CEO, is at the core of the bank's team, growth and success.

  • Chris Skillern

    When Chris Skillern was named managing director for California Bank & Trust, San Diego division, in May of 2001, the promotion was merely the latest advancement in his successful banking career.

  • Stephen H. Wacknitz

    As the fourth quarter of 2004 approaches, Temecula Valley Bank will celebrate its eighth year of operation. The bank enjoyed a 56 percent increase in earnings for the first sixth months of 2004 and has grown to a $500 million commercial bank.

  • Robert B. Horsman

    When Robert Horsman came onto the San Diego banking scene in 1981, San Diego National Bank was in its infancy, just beginning to grow beside the large homegrown savings and loans. Horsman was then SDNB's lending division's senior vice president and he helped sell stock in the bank's initial $9 million capitalization.

  • Martin Dickinson

    When Martin C. Dickinson stepped into the interim presidency position at Legacy Bank, he brought more than 40 years of banking experience. That may be why, in the past 90 days, Legacy's loan division -- real estate, consumer, small commercial and business -- has doubled in size.

  • Robert Sarver

    In May 2003, Robert Sarver established Torrey Pines Bank with $20 million in capital and a small group of highly experienced San Diego bankers. Today, just 15 months' old, the bank is operating with three full-service offices and assets of over $230 million.

  • Mexico raises interest rates to stem inflation

    Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Mexico's central bank raised interest rates for a fifth time this year in a bid to stem accelerating inflation.

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