The Daily Transcript is proud to be a sponsor of San Diego Green '04, a conference on sustainable design to be held Friday, Sept. 17 at the San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park. In this special report, we'll take a look at what it takes to design a building that stands the test of time in terms of aesthetics and functionality. We'll also discuss some of the things to consider when selecting an architect or interior designer.

  • Flexibility, technology and security continue to drive office designs

    Design trends in San Diego's corporate office scene are forever evolving. As 2004 continues to unfold, companies look towards designs that provide open, technologically advanced, flexible, comfortable and secure spaces -- all the necessary components to attract and retain high-caliber employees and maximize productivity. To achieve this type of environment, several trends have emerged as popular features of today's contemporary office environment.

  • Historic Mexican village receiving a 'green' redevelopment

    The historic village of Loreto is located on the eastern coast of the Baja peninsula, along the shimmering Sea of Cort?s. The region is home to a federal marine park and the nearby spectacular natural harbor, Puerto Escondido.

  • Selecting a general contractor for tenant improvements

    With hundreds of licensed general contractors in San Diego County, selecting tenant improvement specialists can be a daunting task - Who to choose? What experience do they have? Are they reputable companies? Will they be a team player with the architect or space planner? Do they finish the job? These questions, and many others, are appropriate to ask to narrow your choice of a TI contractor.

  • How to hire the right architect

    The first step in choosing the right architect for your projects is to obtain the names of architects from several sources - friends, relatives, co-workers, real estate agents and contractors - and create a referral list.

  • Why hire an architect?

    A good architect creates solid construction documents that quantify and specify inputs and outcomes. This reduces the chance of misinterpretation and resulting cost overruns; everyone is bidding off the same clear set of specifications.

  • Why build green? Cash is king and market opportunities abound

    Despite the ever-growing recognition and adoption of green building practices by market sectors and owners of all types, many skeptics remain, questioning the economic viability of implementing sustainable construction methods. Many of these skeptics, unfortunately, reside in the ranks of constructors, believing that green building practices come with a hefty price tag. This could not be further from the truth.

  • Study: 2% investment in 'green' building yields 20% savings

    Building industry professionals who wonder what sustainable design and construction practices are worth will find compelling answers in a major economic analysis released by the state last fall.

  • DPR Construction finds innovative ways to build

    DPR Construction Inc. exists to build great things -- great relationships, great projects and great green teams.

  • Sustainable development project taking shape in Baja, Mexico

    Nearly 30 years ago, the Mexican government identified five destinations with the highest tourism potential for the country, based on their natural beauty and accessibility. Cancun, Los Cabos and Ixtapa-Zihuatenejo have already become internationally recognized destinations.

  • Buyer feedback drives local builder's architectural focus

    Different by design, local builder John Laing Homes has earned a reputation for quality crafted homes by consulting with not only the city's top architectural firms but also by personally soliciting and implementing buyer feedback.

  • Demonstrating green building

    Platt/Whitelaw Architects Inc. designed their North Park office to be a green building demonstration project. Rooftop wind scoops on the roof provide the best air quality available from outside our building and the ventilation system can either operate entirely passively, mostly passive with help from fans, or entirely on forced air.

  • About the speakers

    The presentations for the inaugural San Diego Green conference were selected in order to explain the connection between the environment and the building industry, to present state policy that encourages green design, and to share examples of people and businesses that are successful with sustainable design.

  • Builders working to reduce ozone depletion and air pollution

    While experts agree that significant progress has been made over the past three decades to curtail air pollution and ozone depletion, the margin for improvement is substantial. Ensuring a healthy environment for future generations requires that we implement pollution-reducing and energy-minimizing strategies today.

  • USGBC chapter continues mission of greening San Diego

    In many respects, San Diego's green movement is just beginning. While the local design and construction industry, for the most part, has embraced the concepts of "green" or sustainable design, builders are now taking the next step by actually applying green concepts to help building owners and developers achieve truly sustainable buildings that work to preserve and improve our environment.

  • San Diego Green '04 to focus on sustainable practices, design

    California Environmental Protection Agency Secretary Terry Tamminen and others will be featured speakers at San Diego Green '04, the first ever conference on sustainable design in the San Diego region.

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