In this special report, sponsored by Barney & Barney, The Daily Transcript looks at such hot-button issues as workers' compensation, homeowners insurance and employee health benefits as they relate to San Diego businesses and consumers.

  • Wrap-up insurance programs: Cost containment for the construction industry

    It is common knowledge that the construction industry is one of the most hazardous and litigious industries in the United States.

  • Protecting against losses due to cyber risk

    Virtually all businesses today, and not just technology companies, are vulnerable to financial loss due to Internet or network accidents and crime.

  • A solution to insurance benefit woes

    Anyone paying for health insurance can see that health insurance premiums are on the rise. As a result we are seeing more employee cost sharing with employers and steeper premium contributions every time we visit a doctor or a pharmacy.

  • Affinity programs offer enhanced insurance coverage, services

    A concept utilized by the insurance industry to provide enhanced insurance coverage and services to commercial customers is the affinity or group program. The program market by some estimates is $13 billion to $15 billion in premiums and growing.

  • Handling questionable workers' comp claims

    While SB899 provided California employers with many advantages in workers' compensation claims management, there now exists a dilemma with regard to claims that an employer feels may be questionable.

  • Prop 72 mandates employer-sponsored medical insurance

    If approved by voters on Nov. 2, Proposition 72 (also known as SB2) will implement the Health Insurance act of 2003.

  • Competition is driving down D&O insurance

    Premiums continue to drop dramatically for publicly traded company directors' and officers' liability (D&O) insurance. This will continue to be the case for at least another year, despite inherent unprofitability. How can this be explained? Competition, pure and simple. From 2001 to 2003 premiums shot up so quickly that new capacity has been attracted.

  • Homeowners need to review insurance policies ahead of storms

    NEW YORK -- The hurricanes slicing through southern states should prompt consumers elsewhere to check their homeowners insurance policies to make sure they've got enough coverage.

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