In this special report, The Daily Transcript and the Institute for Real Estate Management (IREM) explore current economic trends in commercial real estate and provide a forecast of our economy. We'll also provide an inside look at what IREM has to offer local real estate professionals today.

  • Shifts that impact the economics of real estate

    Shifts that will impact the real estate industry over the next decade, according to Christopher Lee, author of "Leading a Real Estate Company: Winning Strategies for the Next Decade," include a shift from historical precedents to innovation.

  • Local lender

    Did you know that approximately 75 percent of small multifamily loans are overlooked by traditional lenders? Once considered too cumbersome and time-consuming to deal with, Imperial Capital Express (a division of La Jolla-headquartered Imperial Capital Bank) has developed a proprietary, streamlined process to meet and serve this important market.

  • IREM Factoids

    The following are facts about the Institute of Real Estate Management and our local IREM Chapter:

  • IREM San Diego Chapter Awards

    Chapter of the Year Awards

  • Uncertainty, but growth

    Slow job growth. High oil prices. Softening consumer confidence. November ballot initiatives -- these and other issues are swirling around. There is no question that there is a lot of uncertainty out there. Yet, the numbers on the Los Angeles area economy have been slowly improving.

  • Survey finds high-tech workers live countywide

    San Diego County's high-tech and biotech companies tend to cluster together geographically, but their workers live throughout the county, a new survey by the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp. has affirmed.

  • Using real estate to increase your wealth

    There are many ways to create wealth and, in Southern California, even owning your own home can sure make you feel wealthy.

  • Managing assets key to successful portfolio

    Whether a client's goal is actively building a portfolio or merely maintaining a stable income stream, the asset management function provides information to enable the owner to make appropriate decisions regarding individual properties and/or the portfolio as a whole.

  • 2005 IREM San Diego Council members

    Nancy Eagle

  • Many thanks to our sponsors

    IREM appreciates the generosity of the following sponsors of the Economic Forecast Breakfast:

  • Nicole Baker celebrates 15 years as IREM's executive director

    "It was April Fools Day in 1990 when I became the executive director of IREM," said Nicole Baker. "But it wasn't a joke on me. It was the best career decision I ever made."

  • Survive & Thrive in 2005

    The San Diego Chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) is proud to present their 17th Annual Economic Forecast Breakfast, "Survive & Thrive in 2005." This breakfast will be held Friday, Dec. 3, at the Town & Country Resort & Convention Center, Grand Ballroom, in Mission Valley.

  • IREM + Education = Success

    It is with great honor and excitement that I begin my term as President of our local Chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). This chapter has enjoyed incredible success, and I intend to continue to build on that success.

  • Roses, relationships and ROI

    Relationships have always been the most important things in my life. Since I am an identical twin, I've been in a serious relationship since before I was born! When I became president of the San Diego Chapter of IREM, I declared that the "R" in IREM would stand for relationships. I did that for many reasons, but most significantly because all of our relationships profoundly influence our productivity, our health and our happiness, the "ROI" of our personal and professional lives.

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