In this special section, the Corporate Directors Forum, together with The Daily Transcript, call attention to San Diego's outstanding leaders with the 14th annual Director of the Year Awards, taking place March 1.

  • Roundtable discussion focuses on state of corporate governance

    A corporate board director's job is no longer part-time.

  • Benefits of membership

    Individual members enjoy special access to:

  • Fish & Richardson's VC survey -- a tool for directors

    Both Delaware and California corporate law require directors satisfy the duty of care requirements in making business decisions, such as the decision to accept venture capital financing terms for their company.

  • Director of the Year 2005 sponsors

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  • Aligning corporate citizenship with social responsibility

    Barney & Barney was founded on the principle that good corporate citizenship involves building meaningful and long lasting relationships in our community through involvement in professional organizations, philanthropy and, most importantly, volunteerism in nonprofit organizations.

  • Director's Registry: FAQ

    Finding qualified director candidates can often be a laborious and burdensome process. The Corporate Directors Forum Director's Registry is a valuable resource to assist public and private companies with this procedure. Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the registry. For more information, visit

  • Vision 2006

    Core Beliefs

  • Serving on a board of a company in transition

    "Companies in transition" is often a nice term for companies undergoing a great deal of stress -- companies in which the boards of directors is more intensely engaged, when very difficult decisions are being made, when the true meaning of "fiduciary responsibility" comes to the fore.

  • Corporate governance enters a new era

    In the past 30 years, I have served on more than 35 corporate boards, and never have I seen more challenging times for corporate governance than the past 24 months. It is, of course, the post-Enron, WorldCom, Sarbanes-Oxley world we operate in that has provoked these challenges.

  • Managing board response to unforeseen events

    In the summer of 2003, The Scripps Research Institute received an unanticipated invitation from Gov. Jeb Bush to establish a research facility in Florida. The invitation came with a promise of land, laboratory facilities and government economic development grants to fund initial operations -- a package that would add up to a half billion dollars. The governor required a fast response to take his proposal to the Legislature in the fall.

  • The modern boardroom consists of collective efforts

    Long before I ever joined a corporate board, I had a mental image of the ideal board setting that included a wood-paneled room, dark-leather arm chairs and a long mahogany table. We've all seen the Hollywood black-and-white films: cigar smoke swirls, pocket watches linked to coats, chortled laughter amongst board members who at the end of the day would never challenge the leader. The old gentlemen seated during the meeting were the main investors of untold fortunes. Further, these individuals focused primarily on protecting their own money if not on their social status in the board club. I didn't respect them much.

  • Developing a director's confidence through corporate governance

    In today's boardroom, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed with the concerns of trying to meet the requirements of proper corporate governance. In the current environment, we are witnessing an almost over-engineered idea of how one can best support the interests of the shareholders. It is easy to wrestle with details and ignore the potential that can be achieved by a truly strong board of directors.

  • San Diego's top executives named 2005 Director of the Year honorees

    Through the Director of the Year Awards, Corporate Directors Forum recognizes San Diego's top directors for their outstanding performance in the boardroom and behind the scenes. This year's honorees are truly making a difference in the boardroom and for the companies they represent. As co-chairs, we are pleased to be part of this important event.

  • Welcome to Corporate Directors Forum

    Since 1991, Corporate Directors Forum has been promoting high standards of professionalism in board directorship. In the post-Sarbanes-Oxley environment, these standards have become increasingly important, and each year at the Director of the Year awards, Corporate Directors Forum recognizes San Diego's top executives for their high levels of ethical conduct, integrity and standards in corporate governance.

Archived Reports

Corporate Directors Forum: Director of the Year Awards - 2007

The annual Director of the Year Awards, held by the Corporate Directors Forum, recognizes San Diego's outstanding corporate leaders.

Corporate Directors Forum: Director of the Year Awards - 2006

This special section calls attention to San Diego's outstanding leaders -- the ones who symbolize dedicated corporate leadership in the boardroom and behind the scenes. Each year, The Daily Transcript partners with the Corporate Directors Forum to present a special program guide that will be handed out at the Director of the Year Awards event and to each Transcript subscriber.