In this special report, we provide a variety of expert financial advice for businesses and consumers and cover the latest on banking and investing. We will also spotlight credit unions.

  • Identity theft: Important information you need to know

    Identity theft is the fastest-growing white-collar crime in the United States, according to the U.S. Attorney General. In identity theft, a thief assumes your identity by using personal information, such as your name, Social Security number and date of birth to commit fraud. The imposter could buy cars, open credit accounts, empty your existing checking/savings account, rent apartments or even buy homes in your name and then disappear, leaving you with the bills and the damage to your credit.

  • Technology provides solutions to challenges faced by credit union industry

    Competition from banks and other financial institutions is one of the most formidable challenges faced by the credit union industry today. Credit unions know they must expand their product offerings, enhance member service, identify opportunities for retention and growth, and lower operating expenses in order to effectively compete with the others. They know what to do; they just may not know how to go about it.

  • Boomers having to rethink retirement options

    Baby boomers must feel they have the investing weight of the world on their shoulders. On one hand they are being told they lag when it comes to saving for their retirement. And, on the other hand, they realize retirement for them will be dramatically different than their parents.

  • Education still a top priority for Mission Federal

    Since it was founded in 1961 by San Diego educators, Mission Federal Credit Union, also referred to as "Mission Fed," has had a strong commitment to education.

  • Laid-back attitude keeps credit union's members happy

    For more than 60 years, North Island Credit Union has been providing members with exceptional financial products and services. Originally formed to serve those in the military, today North Island welcomes all who live and work in San Diego.

  • USE goes to extremes to help members improve financial health

    No, Xtreme Financial Makeover Challenge is not the latest reality show to hit television. The program is an example of how USE Credit Union does more than deliver great products and services -- it helps members manage their finances in a way that enables them to make their dreams come true.

  • Credit unions put members' financial well-being first

    Since they originated in 19th century England and Germany, credit unions have always been nonprofit, cooperative financial institutions. Instead of focusing on increasing shareholders' earnings, their mission is to help all members attain optimal financial health to enjoy better lives.

  • Credit Union Alliance of San Diego leveraging two-state awareness campaign

    The banking industry nationwide is continuing an organized campaign calling for both federal and state governments to eliminate the tax-exempt status of credit unions. To counter these attacks and deliver the credit union message to elected officials and members of the community, organized outreach campaigns have been launched at the national and state levels. Regionally, the Credit Union Alliance of San Diego is bringing the message home by localizing a two-state, multimillion-dollar Public Advocacy Program sponsored by the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues.

  • Small business banking: The credit union solution

    Small businesses, many of which face high costs and inaccessible service from other financial institutions, need the type of member-focused flexible services that credit unions specialize in offering.

  • Survey shows one-third of small business owners planning to hire in 2005

    Almost 71 percent of California small business owners polled are expecting 2005 to be an overall better year than 2004, according to the fifth annual statewide survey released by Union Bank of California N.A.

  • Sophisticated production making it harder to spot counterfeit bills

    With the growing sophistication of electronic equipment such as scanners, color printers and color copiers, counterfeiters are taking advantage and using it to create bills that look and feel real.

  • Managing your Social Security income

    With the State of the Union address and a new campaign, President Bush has brought the issue of Social Security front-and-center in the national spotlight. Everyone can agree that the current system isn't working, but not everyone can agree on how to fix it. The problem is, once lawmakers find a way to "fix" the system the changes that are made won't affect those who are currently on Social Security or the baby boomers that are at or near retirement. This population needs to know how to manage the income they will receive through the current system.

  • Home equity lending: Growth and innovation alter the risk profile

    As a component of the mortgage lending business, home equity lending has traditionally been characterized by low credit losses. However, recent trends reveal a rapidly changing landscape in the way that home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) are used by household borrowers and structured by mortgage lenders.

  • U.S. home prices: Does bust always follow boom?

    U.S. home prices have boomed in recent years. Average U.S. home prices rose 13 percent in the year ended September 2004, and are up almost 50 percent over five years.

  • TurboTax, TaxCut still offer value beyond their online siblings

    NEW YORK -- Almost as difficult as doing your own taxes this year might be sorting through the variety of programs that promise to infuse you with an accountant's expertise.

  • Trading without limit orders can be risky business

    When you do your buys, do you just place the market order and click? You could be making a mistake by not using what is known as limit orders. I use almost nothing but limit orders when placing orders for my clients.

  • Interest-rate squeeze puts bond managers on spot

    It takes a certain unflappability to invest in, or manage, a bond mutual fund right now.

  • Market Mover: Greenspan says economy 'firmed' with low inflation

    The U.S. economy has "firmed" and inflation is low, even with interest rates that remain "accommodative," Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said in testimony to the Senate Banking Committee Wednesday.

  • San Diego County home resale prices continue to show strong surge

    The average and median resale prices of a single-family detached home in San Diego County continued to climb in January.

  • Teaser rates on mortgages approach 0 percent

    Taking a page from credit card companies and car manufacturers, mortgage lenders are touting loans with rock-bottom introductory rates -- in one case, nearly 0 percent.

  • Local bank stocks flying high

    Local community bank stocks have become prized commodities among investors. If the 14 new banks opened in the last four years in San Diego County weren't indication enough, several banks this week posted share prices higher than vaunted tech firm Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM).

  • Smaller bank, bigger service

    Nowadays it seems if one big bank is not merging with another big bank, they're consuming the smaller banks, leaving communities with super-sized institutions.

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