Telecommunications - May 2002

In partnership with the San Diego Telecom Council, UCSD Connect and the San Diego Venture Group, the Daily Transcript takes a look at the local telecommunications industry. Information on the Evolving Markets in Telecommunications Conference, the wireless data market and the current state of the local telecom industry is included.

  • Corporate directors: A primer on conflicting duties

    Most corporate directors have a basic understanding of their three basic fiduciary duties: the duty of care (acting in good faith to promote the interests of the corporation), the duty of loyalty (to promote corporate, not personal, interests) and the duty of confidentiality (to protect the corporation's confidences).

  • CDMA, GSM both part of Wavecom's answer

    For most consumers, Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and Global System for Mobile (GSM) aren't even on the radar screen. Rather than worrying about which wireless standard to go with for wireless phone service, consumers are more concerned about finding the carrier who can offer the best coverage at the lowest price.

  • Leading the wireless data revolution

    For years, industry pundits have predicted a world without wires -- where people can instantly reference information on-the-go, entertain themselves with games and keep in touch with family and friends, all with the convenience of a wireless phone.

  • Always best connected in a world of multimedia

    Twenty-five years ago, mobile phones were so large that they took up most of the space in your car trunk. Still, the benefits of making and receiving voice calls while mobile outweighed the handset limitations.

  • Wireless equipment helps San Diego deputies stay on the streets

    The San Diego Sheriff's Department, in cooperation with Alvarion, has installed a wireless land area network system that seamlessly interconnects the department's patrol vehicles to the department's LAN at all stations, jails, courts and other facilities. As a result, officers can complete paperwork, download files and access e-mail and other office functions from the convenience of their patrol vehicles. There is also a huge reduction in the amount of time officers spend performing office functions, thereby allowing them to focus on street duties.

  • Local telecom conference to examine controversial wireless data market

    More than 500 telecom executives, investment bankers, analysts and service providers are expected to attend the ninth annual Evolving Markets in Telecommunications Conference on May 29 at the Hilton Torrey Pines. This year's conference, organized by UCSD Connect, The San Diego Telecom Council and The San Diego Venture Group, will examine how companies can tap into the $20 billion North American wireless data market.

  • Growth of the telecom industry lies in the hands of consumers

    The future of the troubled telecommunications industry in San Diego and around the globe is now in the hands of consumers. And, when it comes to the wireless business, that literally means putting more technology into the hands of individual and corporate users.