In this special section, learn about the many programs offered by The Arc of San Diego, an organization devoted to providing service for people with disabilities and thier families.

  • History Of The Arc of San Diego

    “There are times in history when people who carry a common and crushing burden become so desperate that they seek each other out, band themselves together, enlist the aid of concerned friends, and begin to demand that attention be paid.”

  • Arc announces plans for new facility downtown

    Imagine a bright, modern facility where children and adults with disabilities can learn, play and gain skills that help them become self-sufficient.

  • Community Living Services cater to consumers on many levels

    The Arc of San Diego provides a wealth of programs and services to disabled individuals requiring all levels of care, thus ensuring that needs are met.

  • Profile: Skip Covell

    Like many organizations, the leadership of one “key” executive behind the scenes often is the strength that puts an entity on the map. That’s the case with Skip Covell, the chief executive officer of The Arc of San Diego (formally known as the Association for Retarded Citizens).

  • Arc Enterprises builds San Diego’s work force

    How do local businesses create, manufacture, assemble and distribute their products nationwide without a warehouse, staff or space? Many local companies turn to The Arc of San Diego’s “Arc Enterprises,” where disabled San Diegans, often called “consumers,” learn valuable job skills and participate in the local work force.

  • The Arc of San Diego offers life-enhancing programs

    The Arc of San Diego has established programs vital to the well-being of adults and children with disabilities and their families for nearly 55 years. Each program brings individuals, also referred to as consumers, closer to social, economic and personal independence, helping them tap into their unlimited potential.

  • Arc San Diego Foundation launches capital campaign — ‘Building Toward Self-Sufficiency’

    The Arc San Diego Foundation board members are leading the effort to raise $3 million to construct a new building and establish an endowment fund for the Central San Diego Center.

  • Earned wages vs. government assistance savings that helps San Diego’s bottom line

    The Arc of San Diego is committed to working in partnership with people who are disabled and their families in creating opportunities to achieve their individual goals within the community.