With oil and gas prices making headlines every day, savvy business investors want to know what can be expected in the future and where opportunities lie for lucrative investment. We try to answer those questions in this special report, which is presented by The Daily Transcript and World Energy. This report will also reach attendees of World Energy's Finding El Dorado Conference in San Diego on Aug. 27.

  • Natural gas in Mexico's energy and economy

    The energy sector has played a key role in Mexican economic development by providing sufficient, reliable and low-cost industrial inputs, as well as goods and services for consumers. Throughout the years, the energy sector has also consolidated itself as a very important foreign currency generator. In the last decade Mexico has outpaced all other countries in the continent in a number of important indicators.

  • Local man helps take family oil business to next level

    In one year, 1985, Donald Hosmer went from working in the marketing department of Cox Broadcasting to becoming cofounder of an oil and natural gas company. Since then Hosmer, CEO, has turned Royale Energy Inc. (Nasdaq: ROYL) into the largest independent natural gas producer in California.

  • What caused the crisis of 2001?

    It was a disaster waiting to happen. Circumstance, plain incompetence and greed all balled together in California, its 2001 energy crisis and the many crises to come.

  • San Diego sets stage for World Energy seminar

    World Energy Educational Programs, a division of World Energy, announced last Wednesday that it will present "The Next El Dorado, a detailed explanation of Oil and Gas prospects and investing" to help investors learn about the world of oil and gas.

  • Farmers increasingly counting on the sun for energy production

    CLOVIS, Calif. -- Pat Ricchiuti has always counted on California's steady sunshine to bring out his peaches' red blush and juicy, tangy sweetness.

  • France picked as site of experimental nuclear fusion reactor to make clean, safe energy

    PARIS (AP) -- France beat out Japan in the race to host a $13 billion experimental nuclear fusion reactor that scientists hope will produce a clean, safe and endless energy resource and help phase out polluting fossil fuels.

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