Find out what's going on among local banks -- who are some of the new faces, how are banks holding up against competition -- in this annual report. We'll profile local banking leaders and share FDIC data on their institutions.

  • Paul F. Rodeno

    The past year has brought many successes for Security Business Bank of San Diego: an $8.9 million capital campaign; a new full-service branch in North County; and a year of strong profitability. The man responsible for leading the bank through this extraordinary period of growth and expansion is President and CEO Paul Rodeno.

  • Rod Calvao

    A San Diego resident since 1965, Rod Calvao understands San Diego County Credit Union's customers and the community.

  • Robert B. Horsman

    In 1981, still in its infancy, San Diego National Bank was just beginning to grow beside the large homegrown savings and loans. Robert Horsman was then senior vice president of SDNB's lending division, and he helped sell stock in the bank's initial $9 million capitalization. Today, Horsman is the president and CEO of SDNB and, thanks in large part to his influence, SDNB has become the region's largest locally headquartered community bank with assets in excess of $2.3 billion.

  • Michael J. Maslak

    Inspired by the credit union's vision of providing people the means to achieve their dreams, Michael Maslak, president and CEO of North Island Credit Union, oversees a world-class organization of business and administrative talent committed to providing exceptional financial services.

  • Ron Martin

    This year marks the 10th anniversary of Ron Martin's arrival to Mission Federal Credit Union. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Mission Fed, Martin has successfully steered the $1.9 billion institution through many changes over the past decade, including opening up the credit union membership to all of San Diego County.

  • Vincent Siciliano

    When Vincent Siciliano joined 1st Pacific Bank of California in 2001, he wanted to incorporate what he believes to be the key to successful banking - a relationship culture.

  • James P. Kelley, II

    Jim Kelly, president and chief executive officer of Discovery Bank, wants you to "discover banking the way you want it."

  • Michael J. Perdue

    Michael J. Perdue is president, chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors of Community Bancorp Inc. and Community National Bank.

  • Stephen H. Gordon

    Stephen Gordon is the founding chairman and chief executive officer of Commercial Capital Bancorp Inc. and its subsidiary companies Commercial Capital Bank, Commercial Capital Mortgage, Commercial Capital Asset Management, and ComCap Financial Services. He is also chief executive officer of TIMCOR Exchange Corp. Additionally, Gordon serves as chief executive officer of the Commercial Capital Bank Community Foundation.

  • Stephen H. Wacknitz

    As the fourth quarter of 2005 approaches, Temecula Valley Bank will celebrate its ninth year of operation. The bank enjoyed a 33 percent increase in earnings for the first sixth months of 2005 and has grown to a $700 million commercial bank.

  • Chris Skillern

    When Chris Skillern was named managing director for California Bank & Trust, San Diego division, in May of 2001, the promotion was merely the latest advancement in his successful banking career.

  • Randy Cundiff

    Our team is proud of our accomplishments in 2004 as Sunrise Bank of San Diego achieved record profitability.

  • Michael Perry

    When Larry Willette agreed to meet with Mike Perry in April of 2002 to discuss the idea of forming a new bank, he did so mainly out of professional courtesy.

  • Financing options for small businesses

    Too many businesses fail because they're undercapitalized. But this certainly doesn't happen because there's not much capital available. Money's there. You just need to know where to find it and what kind of loan is best for your business.

  • California Community Bank sets sights on expansion

    California Community Bank opened for business Aug. 11, 2003, and closed the second quarter of 2005 with total assets of $75 million, deposits of $66 million and total loans of $51 million.

  • Commercial Capital Bank

    Commercial Capital Bank (CCB) is the fastest growing savings institution in California, according to, based on the percentage growth in total assets over the 36 months ended March 31, and a leading income property lender.

  • Community National Bank celebrates continued success, thanks employees

    Community Bancorp Inc., the holding company for Community National Bank, has just completed one of its most successful and eventful quarters ever and it has been a privilege for me to lead the company and its outstanding employees. We have completed the acquisition of Rancho Bernardo Community Bank, received national and industry recognition for our performance and become one of the premier financial institutions in San Diego and Riverside counties.

  • Creating results for clients

    Looking at the performance of 1st Pacific Bank of California, a pattern of consistent, strong and steady growth emerges. Founded in late 2000, the bank recently announced a fifth regional office, assets of more than $230 million and its first stock split in June. It also has been named a Super Premier Performing bank and the 2005 de novo (less than five years old) "Bank of the Year" in California by "The Findley Reports."

  • San Diego's largest goes national

    San Diego-based Imperial Capital Bank (ICB) is a familiar presence throughout Southern California. To both individual account holders and businesses with expanding operations, ICB is anything but typical. Under its parent, ITLA Capital Corp., the largest publicly traded financial institution headquartered in San Diego, ICB has proven to be a thriving, energetic, entrepreneurial institution, willing to take the business of banking in exciting new directions.

  • Mission: Education

    Eleven years ago, Mission Federal Credit Union saw a unique need in the education community. A fledgling school for homeless youth needed financial support for programs and facilities for its underserved students. As a long-time supporter of education from the day it opened its doors in 1961 as the Public Schools Federal Credit Union, Mission Fed made the determination to host and organize an annual benefit golf tournament.

  • North Island Credit Union introduces the MatriMoney account

    North Island Credit Union has hit upon a marriage of convenience in a new wedding gift registry program - the MatriMoney Wedding Gift Registry Program.

  • San Diego National Bank

    Since 1981, San Diego National Bank (SDNB) has grown from a small community bank to an easily recognizable name throughout San Diego County. Today, SDNB is the largest locally headquartered bank in San Diego. Founded on its commitment to provide exceptional local service to the San Diego community, SDNB now has more than $2.3 billion in assets and 21 branches throughout the county -- with plans to open several more in the future.

  • San Diego Trust Bank: Performance you can trust

    The landscape of the San Diego community banking scene continues to evolve. New banks continue to be formed, while others are acquired or merged into larger entities.

  • Investing in yourself

    Retirement, regardless of your age, is always closer than it seems and smart planning at every age is critical.

  • Security Business Bank of San Diego

    Founded by respected local business leaders, Security Business Bank of San Diego offers a full range of banking, investment, cash management, real estate and SBA lending services at their downtown and North County offices.

  • SBA loans assist businesses in buying their building

    One of the most pressing issues for business owners looking to expand or grow their business is determining whether to lease or to buy.

  • Temecula Valley Bank

    Temecula Valley Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Temecula Valley Bancorp Inc., is a $700 million commercial bank serving communities throughout San Diego and Riverside counties. The bank operates full service offices in Temecula, Murrieta, Corona, Fallbrook, Escondido, Rancho Bernardo and El Cajon, with SBA loan offices in California (Anaheim Hills, Irvine, Glendale, Thousand Oaks, Fresno, Sacramento and Stockton); Washington (Bellevue); Colorado (Englewood); Oregon (Lake Oswego); Texas (Dallas; Houston); Georgia (Jesup); Florida (Tampa, St. Petersburg, Coral Springs, Jacksonville and Orlando); Ohio (Kirtland and Dublin); Illinois (Gurnee); New Jersey (Ocean City, Randolph, Basking Ridge); and North Carolina (Clemmons).

  • Michael S. Hahn

    Pacific Coast National Bank opened its doors on May 16 in Encinitas and San Clemente with a handpicked group of highly experienced bankers and $22.8 million in capital, far exceeding the $17 million goal.

  • How credit reports and credit scores can affect your buying power

    Among the most important things you can do to get the best deal on a loan, a credit card, insurance and other financial products is to make sure your credit record is accurate and in its best possible shape. Why? Because even a modest improvement in your credit reports (your history of paying debts and other bills) and your credit scores (numerical ratings of your credit history used by companies in making business decisions) can improve the offer on a financial product you may want.

  • A shopper's guide to bank products and services

    Mortgages: More choices, new risks for borrowers

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