The Daily Transcript is pleased to partner with Barney & Barney LLC in presenting a supplement in support of the 11th Annual Re-Shaping Health Care Conference, to be held Friday, Sept. 30. The conference is designed to connect the business and health care communities in the quest to rock the status quo on health care delivery.

  • Innovations change the doctor's office visit

    Until a few years ago, few would have believed that wholesale change in the health care environment would manifest itself in something as fundamental as the doctor-patient relationship. However, as e-mail and other Internet technologies have become more widely adopted -- by health care providers and those for whom they care -- some innovative minds have found ways to bring doctors and their patients together online.

  • Rocking the Status Quo: 11th Annual Re-Shaping Health Care Conference

    September 30, 2005

  • Program Faculty

    John W. Kenagy, MD, MPA, was named by Forbes Magazine as the “Man Who Would Save Health Care.” He founded Kenagy & Associates LLC to help organizations better use their increasingly-limited resources to more effectively meet the needs of patients in a constantly changing environment through Disruptive Innovation and Adaptive Design. His career spans 34 years as a vascular surgeon, health care executive, management researcher, teacher and patient. Kenagy has published in journals as diverse as the "Journal of the American Medical Association" and "Harvard Business Review" and has testified before the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee.

  • County health agency serves community through variety of programs

    The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) provides a myriad of services to the public through six regions, using a service delivery system that is accessible, works with community partners and is customer oriented. Core services include Public Health, Behavioral Health, Child Welfare, Aging and Independence Services, and self-sufficiency programs including Access to Healthcare.

  • The modern health care paradox

    Paradox -- A statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is apparently true.

  • Conference devoted to positive disruptions in health care

    UCSD Extension hosts its 11th annual Re-Shaping Healthcare Conference on Friday, Sept. 30, featuring a keynote address by John Kenagy, president of Kenagy & Associates and co-author of "Will Disruptive Innovations Cure Health Care?"

  • Employers paying 10% more for health care, survey finds

    NEW YORK -- Employers' health care costs are up 10 percent this year, but companies have limited the increase by more closely monitoring their workers' health, according to a new survey of more than 550 companies.

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