In this quarterly report, we take a look at the latest housing figures and issues, as well as various trends affecting different locales. We'll also take a closer look at residential real estate in downtown San Diego.

  • Coronado is San Diego's time machine

    Small town America still exists in Greater San Diego, right across the bridge in Coronado -- a place where people greet each other with smiles on the street, kids walk to school, and families do things together.

  • The Corrente Team is growing

    The successful real estate team of Judy and Peter Corrente is growing in order to provide their level of competent, professional representation to even more clients with real estate needs.

  • The Bettger Team serves South County

    Real estate in the South County is booming with new construction, massive appreciation and new commercial centers.

  • San Elijo Hills celebrates the bounty of the season

    San Elijo Hills' town square will be transformed into an autumn wonderland this Saturday, Oct. 29, for HarvestFest.

  • Renovating San Diego's past

    Built in 1906, the Fletcher building, located on the northeast corner of Broadway and Sixth Avenue in downtown San Diego, spent part of its life as a popular indoor entertainment center, called the Sunshine Recreation Company. The building contained a bowling alley, archery area, billiards hall and miniature golf course on the third and fourth floors.

  • Downtown and North County coastal areas remain hotbeds of real estate activity

    Even though the prevailing thought among San Diego real estate experts is that the market is undergoing a slight cooling trend, there are still several areas of the county that are emerging as hotbeds of real estate activity because of their desirability and investment potential.

  • Custom homebuilders embrace new faux wood products

    Wood and stone details and accents have always been desirable aesthetic features of homes. Today, residential and custom homebuilders are discovering that there are faux products available that offer homes a custom handcrafted look at less cost while achieving a lifetime of durability.

  • Exclusive, elegant, extraordinary: Embassy1414

    As the wave of luxurious condominium developments continues to wash up on San Diego shores, feast your eyes on the architectural beauty Embassy1414. Created by the Australian-based Constellation Property Group, Embassy1414 offers the ultimate in luxury living.

  • Revisiting San Diego housing prices

    On July 1, 2004 I wrote in this space an article titled "Where are San Diego housing prices headed?"

  • Reality of real estate market

    Every day, the media offers conflicting opinions of where the real estate market in San Diego is heading. Everyday we are asked by our clients:

  • Not so neighborly HOA disputes -- how do you resolve them?

    There are over 3 million common interest development units in California. More than 155,000 have "serious" homeowner's association disputes. Many of the disputes start as a moderately minor divergence that escalates as the parties become entrenched in their monetary and very personal issues.

  • Habitat restoration takes place near border

    The Goat Canyon Enhancement Project near the U.S./Mexico border was constructed to protect the sensitive valuable wetland habitat within Goat Canyon and the Tijuana Estuary from further degradation caused by sediment and debris flows from Mexico.

  • Aviara golf course frontage!

    Windows to paradise! Your own private, breathtaking frontage on the beautiful Par 3 14th hole of Aviara's premier Four Seasons Hotel Arnold Palmer-designed golf course.

  • Jorgensen's dedication, professionalism lends to success

    Have you ever wanted to look into the world of real estate investments without being hammered by pushy sales agents or inaccessible loan brokers? Now, there is an ambassador to this exciting element of investing who will throw you a lifeline in the sea of opportunities.

  • Windingwalk entering new phase of neighborhoods, retail and recreation

    Since construction began at Windingwalk over two years ago, hundreds of homeowners have moved in, a community recreation center has opened, roads have been paved, trees and bushes planted, and countless other neighborhood-building events have occurred.

  • Move-ins under way at Metrome Condos in East Village

    After months of excited anticipation, move-ins have begun at Metrome, Barratt American's attainably priced mid-rise urban community in downtown's East Village.

  • Survey awards Laing San Diego with 'best home buying experience' in U.S.

    America's Finest City can also now claim America's finest homebuilder with the selection of John Laing Homes San Diego as the nation's top vote-getter in customer satisfaction in a third-party buyer survey.

  • New fund targets urban infill housing for middle-income workers

    San Diego workers typically spend hours on the freeways and pay high gasoline prices to commute from where they live to their jobs. Given the opportunity, some would move to the city and buy homes or rent apartments near where they work. The roadblock is their incomes versus the area's high housing costs.

  • New bankruptcy rules in effect this month can affect your home

    Household expenses, specifically mortgage payments, homeowners association dues, property taxes and other related property bills, make up a huge part of an individual's budget.

  • San Diego multi-family market snapshot

    For many years San Diego was thought of as a sleepy military town, but that view has changed since San Diego has evolved into a city where biotech companies, national manufacturers, technology businesses and professional services now thrive. This diverse employment base has helped to drive San Diego's economy, a factor that has greatly impacted the local real estate market.

  • New-home sales cooling off; prices holding steady

    The once superheated new-home sales market has cooled considerably, inventories are on the rise and prices are finally leveling off.

  • Tax revision may douse housing prices

    To make the U.S. tax code fairer and cut the dreaded Alternative Minimum Tax, Congress may end up putting a damper on the housing boom.

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In this quarterly report, we take a look at the latest housing figures and issues, as well as various trends affecting different locales. We'll also take a closer look at residential real estate in downtown San Diego.

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