Find out how high-tech and biotech companies continue to impact our economy in this annual report. We profile some of the local CEOs and feature a roundtable discussion hosted by Connect.

  • Courtroom victories bring Heller Ehrman national ranking

    When it comes to winning intellectual property trials, few law firms rival Heller Ehrman's IP Litigation Practice Group. In San Diego, the firm has 25 top IP litigators, including senior litigators David Kleinfeld, John Benassi and Alan Blankenheimer, who represent Fortune 500 clients as well as earlier stage technology companies.

  • Local technology leaders find skilled work force a growing concern

    Leaders of San Diego's technology sector believe they have a lot to offer the high-tech workers of the United States. The trouble, they say, is the United States doesn't have many such workers to offer them.

  • Which city will be the next biotech cluster?

    Seattle, San Francisco, Boston and San Diego are widely recognized and established biotech clusters. Who will be next? Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Madison, Albuquerque, Orlando or Atlanta?

  • FFF Enterprises making biotech waves in thriving Southwest California

    FFF Enterprises has become a leading provider of human plasma products, vaccines and clinical trial drugs by offering a secure distribution network, responding to the marketplace and keeping its customers happy.

  • Cymer continually searching for ways to remain at the top of its market

    All markets are cyclical and the signs are that the world's semiconductor market is poised for an upturn. And that is great news for San Diego based Cymer (Nasdaq: CYMI) -- the world's leading manufacturer of excimer lasers.

  • Five tips for a successful license agreement

    Your company has invested valuable time and resources in developing new biotechnology - now it's time to think about whether you should license out all or part of your rights in your new inventions. Why would you license your intellectual property rights to another party?

  • Connect nurtures pipeline of innovation and emerging technologies

    Connect, a technology and business accelerator dedicated to the success and growth of San Diego-based technology and life science companies, continues to nurture the local pipeline of innovation and commercialization through a range of new and enhanced programs -- many of them free to the public thanks to the generous support of Connect's members.

  • Connect announces new venture roundtable series

    Connect, a technology and business accelerator dedicated to the success and growth of San Diego-based technology and life science companies, announced the launch of the Venture Roundtable.

  • Optimer: Venture capitalists welcome

    Optimer Pharmaceuticals is a hard company to find. Nestled in an executive park hidden beside Interstate 5 in Sorrento Valley, the office lacks the large signage and perfectly manicured landscaping that surrounds some of the other nearby buildings.

  • Biosite founders come up winning

    In 1988, Biosite (Nasdaq: BSTE) co-founders Kim Blickenstaff, Kenneth Buechler, Gunars Valkirs and Richard Anderson took a gamble that paid-off. They left secure corporate jobs at Eli Lilly-owned Hybritech to develop a new method of detecting illegal drugs -- fast -- when patients presented at the emergency room.

  • FDA guidance on early stage drug development

    The new drug development process is lengthy, costly and uncertain. Bringing a new drug from discovery to market may cost $800 million and take years of testing. Preclinical laboratory alone may take more than 10 years prior to submission of an Investigational New Drug (IND) application and commencement of the first human trials.

  • Forget everything you thought you knew about protecting your IP

    Getting a new drug to market may cost as much as $800 million. With this type of investment, patents are necessary to protect market exclusivity. A strategic, creative and effective approach to patenting pharmaceuticals is crucial to minimizing competition and maximizing profit margin.

  • Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center among leaders in San Diego's biotech arena

    Construction of a new research facility and ongoing success in obtaining program grants are two indications of the growth and recognition now being experienced by cutting-edge cancer research center, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center in San Diego. Currently celebrating its 15th year, the nonprofit organization is poised to continue making strides in biotech in San Diego.

  • Biotech and biomed stocks lead followers on rollercoaster ride

    Most of the entrepreneurs owning, operating and investing in San Diego's growing roster of biotech and biomed companies are too young to remember when the best and wildest rides at Disneyland required an "E" ticket.

  • Bluetooth group adopts ultrafast radio technology

    NEW YORK -- The Bluetooth wireless standard used in cell phones and other small devices will take a leap in transmission speed, broadening its scope to enable high-definition video and files for digital music players like the iPod.

  • Qualcomm forms mobile software company

    Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM), which licenses chip technology and software to cell phone makers, said Wednesday that it will form a new mobile software company with China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Ltd., one of the largest handset software providers in China.

  • GenVault uses innovation to cement its place in genetics-based medicine

    With the genome revolution and the promise of increases in genetics-based medicine, Carlsbad-based GenVault Corp. (News) has established itself in the biosample management market with an innovative product — dry storage systems.

  • Skylight cuts deals with hospitals

    San Diego-based Skylight Healthcare Systems reported Tuesday new contract agreements to install its Access Interactive Patient System at nearly a dozen leading hospitals across the nation.

  • Chatter provides text messaging for those in need

    In the near future, all information will be on the tip of one's fingers -- from weather reports and stock quotes to the health and well-being of loved ones. This instantaneous communication is what drove David Raine to create Chatter Inc., a text-messaging communications company based out of San Marcos.

  • China beckons San Diego life sciences firms

    When the human genome was mapped and published, Dr. Chun Wu wanted to be at the forefront of the technology and research. So in 2001 he founded the company Abgent, which has an office in San Diego and develops tools for work with genes, specializing in antibodies.

  • SDSU research could hinder growth of cancer tumors

    A San Diego State University researcher, Roger Sabbadini, has created an antibody that hinders the growth of tumors by preventing blood vessel formation, the school announced Monday.

  • Canada marketing itself as life-sciences destination

    With more life sciences companies looking abroad for development opportunities, Canadian contract research organizations are hoping San Diego’s biotech community will start looking north. Far north.

  • In touch with the future at Demo 2006

    I recently attended Demo 2006 in Phoenix where 68 companies showcased their new products to an audience of 500. This year's products ranged from an ice cream vending machine to photo software for your phone to security software for servers.

  • Smarter, cheaper technology predicted for 2006

    Phil Baker says 2006 should be an exciting year in technology with new services and hardware coming in the hot areas of computing, entertainment and communications. We'll be able to buy technology with amazing functionality at prices unimaginably low a few years ago.

National News

  • Bluetooth group adopts ultrafast radio technology

    NEW YORK -- The Bluetooth wireless standard used in cell phones and other small devices will take a leap in transmission speed, broadening its scope to enable high-definition video and files for digital music players like the iPod.

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