In recognition of National Women's History Month, The Daily Transcript is honoring local businesswomen who are making their marks in San Diego as well as history.

  • Michelle S. Butler

    After successfully starting her own business, San Diego entrepreneur Michelle S. Butler decided to take on the role of helping others do the same as the new Program Director of the Women’s Business Center of California (WBCC).

  • Pam Wilson

    In May, Pamela Lawton Wilson is slated to become the first San Diegan to serve as president of the California Political Attorneys Association. As chair of Wertz McDade Wallace Moot & Brower’s Political Law practice, the largest such practice south of Los Angeles, and CPAA’s current vice president, Pam has the expertise needed to run the association.

  • Vicki Krantz

    “….Leadership is about inspiration—of oneself and of others….Leadership is not a formula or a program, it is a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others. It is an attitude, not a routine.” - Lance Secretan, Industry Week, 10/12/98. It’s not every day that you can call your boss a leader, a coach, a mentor, and a friend all in the same breath. However, that is exactly who Vicki Krantz is. For nearly 5 years, Vicki has been has been an outstanding ambassador of Lifelong Learning, and an inspiration to all she works with at UCSD Extension.

  • Cheryl Kilmer

    Executive Director of TERI, Inc.

  • Dee Snow

    Snow Properties is the culmination of Dee Snow’s lifelong passion for real estate. Her leadership and expertise span all phases of real estate, including land acquisitions, entitlements, site development, construction, sales and management, and build-out. Snow Properties develops and builds real estate projects in Southern California, and troubleshoots for developers and owners at various stages of development.

  • Linda Caballero Merritt

    Linda Merritt is the President and CEO of the 1,000 member-strong San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, an organization committed to promoting a favorable business climate for emerging businesses, advancing economic development, providing fair and equitable access to the market place and supporting education and cultural initiatives for the Greater San Diego Hispanic Community.

  • Darby Ann Vorce

    Unusual name, unusual woman! Darby Vorce is a native San Diegan who grew up in the South Bay area of San Diego. Vision and goaloriented, she initiated her success at a young age. She started as a leader in her early years, by assuming roles as Team Captain on her softball teams.

  • Carol Bentley & Kandy Neyenesch

    Ink is in their blood. Neyenesch Printers, one of San Diego’s most well-known, high quality printers, is owned by Carol Neyenesch Bentley, CEO, her cousin Clifford Neyenesch, Chairman and his wife Kandy Neyenesch, CFO.

  • Kristin Berry

    President, Legal Recruiter

  • Nasrin Mani, M.D.

    Founder and Medical Director

  • Keitha Giannella

    Bringing the entire process of remodeling under one roof, KG Design & Build, Inc., a general contracting company, has simplified this complicated process for their clients.

  • Tamera Pertmer, Ph.D., Esq.

    Tamera is an associate with the law firm of Jones Day based in the firm’s San Diego office.

  • Liz Jackson

    Liz Jackson Builds Homes with a Commitment to Charming Architectural Character Liz Jackson, president of San Diego based Jackson Pendo Development, is one of a handful of female real estate developers in the home building industry. With more than 30 years of experience, she and her business partner and husband, James, build homes that are known for their livability, attention to detail and architectural character.

  • Joanna Herr

    Women have made tremendous strides in the business world, but many professions remain heavily dominated by men, including photography. The fact that an overwhelming percentage of all photographers are male has never bothered Joanna Herr; in fact, the owner of Herr Photography enjoys having the opportunity to prove herself by showcasing her “Wow” factor. Any gender issues immediately disappear once potential clients see her work.

  • Gayle Goldman

    Many years ago, Gayle Goldman, President of Gayle Goldman & Associates, realized that the typical small business owner is bogged down with appointments, invoices, employees, deliveries and so many other responsibilities that finance management is often just a hurried, frantic call to the bank. She saw that many executives and business owners often struggle to learn the many ways that QuickBooks can help their business and are frustrated when the program doesn’t work for them easily upon installation. Armed with years of marketing and fundraising experience, a natural easy–going nature and a newly acquired love for the QuickBooks system, her business was born in 1996.

  • Nikki Rojas

    Funding and Credit Manager

  • Sally Sackett

    In an industry that has seen tremendous growth over the past 5 years, Sally Sackett has carved a unique niche for herself as a Senior Loan Officer in residential and commercial real estate.

  • Kathy Larson

    Kathy Larson, Mortgage Broker, President and Co-Founder, First Equity Direct – Residential and Commercial Lending. (This article is being submitted by Liza Soutter, client of Kathy Larson)

  • Linda Litle

    Linda Litle has been one of the leading women in the San Diego County construction industry for more than 20 years. In addition to serving as Dynalectric San Diego’s Accounting Manager for the past five years, Litle has been a local and national leader of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). She has held virtually all the elected positions in NAWIC’s San Diego Chapter, including serving again as its current president. The local chapter today includes more than 60 members.

  • Mara Crowell

    After moving from the small town of Pullman, WA to fast paced San Diego, 21 years ago, Mara never intended to seek a position in the construction industry, but as fate would have it, it has become her career and passion.

  • Dovie Dawson

    It’s taken Dovie Dawson a long time to live her dream of being an interior decorator, so she’s making the most of it by providing clients with “over-the-top” professionalism and service. She shelved her career aspirations about 20 years ago, after being accepted to LA’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, because she couldn’t draw.

  • Samantha Bowman

    After 15 years in the corporate world and 5 in San Diego area politics working with The Chase Group, Samantha Bowman, a Coronado native, has brought her talents home serving as the Executive Director of Coronado Substance Abuse Free Environments (SAFE).

  • Valerie Youngblood. M.D.

    Bringing holistic health into the 21st century, Dr. Valerie Youngblood both heals and beautifies her patients from the inside out. Dr. Youngblood started her medical career in the emergency room and after years of traditional medical education and practice, she now considers herself to be in “recovery!” With a background in art, yoga and meditation, Dr. Youngblood was intrigued by the concept of combining holistic therapies with traditional medicine. She saw the potential for greater results with the combination of the two fields and decided to compliment her medical degree by becoming certified in Holistic Medicine. As a esult, her practice, Continuum, is the creation and culmination of more than twelve years of medical training blended with evidence-based integrative practices and complemented with 21st century non-invasive aesthetic services.

  • Janette Gray, M.D.

    As a San Diego native, Janette Gray, M.D., holds the people and communities of San Diego close to her heart. As a creative and concerned physician, she has passionately dedicated herself to developing a unique medical practice that provides San Diegans with a new model of healthcare.

  • Cindy Lehman

    As the Vice President of California Bank & Trust in Hillcrest, Cindy Lehman, has been serving the San Diego community for the last 22 years. Her longevity with the Bank and in Hillcrest proves that she has a passion for her job and her community. Over the years Cindy has come to realize that the customer is the most important thing to her bank and she has built her branch around the idea of taking care of people. Cindy’s dedication was rewarded when she was honored as California Bank & Trust’s retail branch “Lender Of The Year” in 2004.

  • Kimberly Dotseth

    Real estate agent, mortgage broker and entrepreneur.

  • Patricia Butler

    As founder and CEO of BRG, Patricia Butler is one of the nations' leading environmental planning professionals. BRG was formed in 1980 and is celebrating its 25th year anniversary of assisting clients with the successful resolution of environmental and regulatory land use issues.

  • Rhonda Welch-Scalco

    RhondaWelch-Scalco represents the next generation of Native American leadership. At age 36, her life has spanned the Barona Tribe’s evolution frompoverty to self-sufficiency.With one foot firmly planted in her Tribe’s rich history and culture, the other in the challenges of the 21st century, Welch-Scalco has emerged as one of San Diego County’s most promising young leaders.

  • Margit E. Whitlock, AIA

    Margit E. Whitlock, AIA, is a ground breaking architectural designer whose clients have come to depend on her for everything from branding to master planning. Her firm, Architectural Concepts, Inc. (ACI) is highly regarded as one of the Southwest’s top hospitality-oriented architectural and interior design firms.

  • Adrienne Moch

    There aren’t too many people who knew before they started high school what they wanted to be when they grew up…but Adrienne Moch is one of them. She loved words from a very early age, and set her sights on being a writer.

  • Lucie Barron

    ADR Services, Inc. started out from humble means in 1994, sub-leasing a couple of rooms from a law firm and handling cases on a catch as catch can basis for a handful of retired judges who agreed to work through our panel. The company has managed the impossible, virtually doubling in size every few years. Today, the ADR Services panel consists of more than 150 neutrals, both attorneys and retired judges.

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