The Transcript continues its week-long series honoring Law Week with a special focus on national and international law today. 

  • Fish & Richardson -- building foundations for success

    Fish & Richardson has unveiled a new venture and technology group focused on providing young companies with the guidance and strategy needed to build a foundation for success. The group consists of experienced, business- and technology-savvy attorneys who are uniquely qualified to address the legal needs young companies face as they grow to be established enterprises.

  • Global attorneys always on the go

    It's the day after Christmas, and Jeff Baglio is parked outside a local Starbucks for approximately three hours.

  • Safety of drug supply: Tougher laws needed to stem counterfeit drug rings

    The FDA has warned that the U.S. drug supply is a potential target for terrorism. On March 29, 2006, the federal Joint Terrorism Task Force unsealed an indictment charging 19 people with operating a global crime and terrorism ring spanning Lebanon, Canada, China, Brazil, Paraguay and the United States. The ring sold counterfeit drugs and other contraband materials, directing its profits to support the criminal terrorist group Hezbollah. This federal announcement is another example of the growing trend linking international crime, terrorism and the drug supply.

  • Heidel introduces associates to world of land use law

    Since leaving her job as a high school teacher in the 1970s to become a land use attorney in San Diego, Lynne Heidel has watched the city elect seven mayors, welcome more than 400,000 new bodies and grow both outward and now upward to accommodate the new arrivals.

  • Secured financing of U.S.-based loans in Mexican transactions enhanced by use of Mexican trust agreements

    U.S. lenders financing Mexican transactions are increasingly using Mexican trust agreements to enhance secured financing.

  • Finding an arbitration clause that fits just right

    You remember the infamous Goldilocks, always searching for the perfect fit while she ate the three bears' porridge, sat in their chairs and slept in their beds. You don't have to jump through quite as many hoops to draft an arbitration clause that fits your needs perfectly, but some trying on for size should be routine in every deal.

  • Decreased SEC and DOJ cooperation on the horizon?

    In the halcyon pre-Enron days, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rarely referred investigations to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for criminal prosecution.

  • Specialty area - auto product liability defense

    Attorneys looking to practice in an area of law that "never has a dull moment" should look no further than automobile product liability defense, according to Vickie Turner, a partner with Wilson Petty Kosmo & Turner LLP in San Diego. The law firm has built a significant specialty practice -- and a significant reputation for success -- in this growing area of the law. Some of Wilson Petty's automotive manufacturing clients include Ford, Honda, Harley Davidson, Mazda and General Motors Corp., for whom the firm is western regional counsel, covering a 13-state area.

  • McKenna Long & Aldridge's legal solutions stay ahead of the curve

    McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP is an international law firm comprised of approximately 400 lawyers and public policy advisers with offices in Atlanta, Brussels, Denver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. A full-service law firm, our attorneys provide the critical industry knowledge and quality of service that today's clients demand from their law firm. Our clients include numerous Fortune 500 firms, midsize companies, major government contractors and nonprofit organizations of all types.

  • San Diego Starbucks suit granted class action status

    A class-action lawsuit against Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX) that began in San Diego is moving forward, according to court documents. On March 30, San Diego Superior Court granted a motion for class certification in the case of Jou Chou v. Starbucks.

  • The cocktail party dilemma

    "Oh, you're a lawyer? Well, let me ask you about something..." One minute, you're just another stranger elbowing your way to the cocktail weenies and mini quiche and the next, you're someone's new best friend.

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