San Diego County is continually faced with a scarcity of developable land, spurring interest in "smart growth." In this report, The Daily Transcript examines plans that lay ahead for our region's smart growth development.

  • San Elijo Hills takes smart growth principles to heart

    Smart growth is more than a cliché at San Elijo Hills, coastal North County's award-winning, ocean view community, where a lively town center is now under construction and more than half of the 1,920-acre community has been set aside as open space

  • Roundtable embraces smart growth concepts, discusses roadblocks

    Now that the population in San Diego County has reached more than 3 million, estimates are that the region is 80,000 to 100,000 housing units short of demand, which has prompted those within the building and infrastructure industries to suggest smart growth development as a solution.

  • Downtown's renaissance follows smart growth principles

    As downtown San Diego continues its $3 billion-plus renaissance, the practical applications of smart growth principles are easily visible from any block, in any neighborhood.

  • Urban renewal, South County excites Barratt Urban

    Venezuela and London might be widely divergent homebuilding markets from San Diego, but Robert Laing credits his experiences there with inspiring the idea of Barratt Urban Development.

  • Otay Mesa Planning Coalition seeks balance for residential, industrial growth

    A plan to fashion Otay Mesa into one of San Diego's comprehensively-planned communities is the goal of a joint planning effort by the city of San Diego and landowners on Otay Mesa. The city of San Diego is working with the Otay Mesa Planning Coalition (OMPC), comprised of representatives from seven local residential and industrial development companies, to ensure that the long-term blueprint for Otay Mesa's future includes a balance of new homes, job centers, community amenities and environmental protection.

  • Greening your building toward the bottom line

    On May 16 the California Commercial Real Estate Energy Symposium was held in Sacramento to discuss California's energy market outlook, regulatory issues and opportunities for the California real estate industry to take an active role in reducing California's energy use to save money, protect the environment, enhance our economy and promote energy security.

  • Abundant facilities for pedestrians turn Otay Ranch into a walker's paradise

    Ever since the car became America's favored mode of transportation, pedestrian facilities have been neglected. Some arterials are as intimidating to pedestrians as strolling along a freeway. Major intersections can be gargantuan and nearly impossible to cross. Sidewalks can be unkempt, dangerous or downright ugly. Other streets don't even have sidewalks or are so out-of-human scale that pedestrians feel unwelcome and out-of-place.

  • Smart building in Southern California -- a showcase of products and design

    San Diego is an ideal location to showcase sustainable design strategies. Our semi-arid climate and accessibility to alternative materials present boundless opportunities to explore tactics that conserve natural resources and construction material. As awareness of Earth's sensitive balance has become more acute, forward-thinking business leaders and homeowners seeking intelligent building solutions have connected with forward-thinking designers, and emerged as beacons to the global community.

  • Black Mountain Ranch opening second and final subdivision

    More than 3,000 homes are planned in the next and final phase of Black Mountain Ranch, but the timing for a 300-room hotel and a golf course remain uncertain.

  • Fake towns on the rise, offering residents the urban life without grit

    PLANO, Texas -- On a recent Friday night, Bishop Road was hopping. Land Rovers and Lexuses inched down the two-lane street. On the brick sidewalks, a steel band played Bob Marley tunes as couples strolled past boutiques, bars and restaurants, lines spilling out the door.

  • Mid-county market faces shrinking land supply, density and spiraling costs

    High construction costs could impact the mid-county market, but there aren't that many sites left on which to build.

  • Carlsbad Planning Commission to review Robertson Ranch master plan

    The Corky McMillin Companies and Brookfield Homes are set to present the master plan for Robertson Ranch to the Carlsbad Planning Commission on May 31, 2006.

  • Court strikes down city's housing ordinance

    San Diego's inclusionary housing ordinance has been struck down at the Superior Court level, but it's unclear whether an appeal is in the offing.


  • Graham working for vibrant downtown

    When Nancy Graham gazes out the window of her 11th floor San Diego office, she envisions a downtown with numerous public parks, tree-lined streets and cultural arts centers.

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