Explore what opportunities are available in the construction field in this annual special report, sponsored by the Associated Builders and Contractors.

  • Bank takes pride in defining moments

    In many financial institutions today, service with a smile has quite literally become nonexistent. Customer service representatives have been replaced with generic solutions offered via a maze of telephone prompts or a pattern of point-and-click buttons on a Web site. Web sites and voicemail certainly hold a significant place in the business world, and many customers appreciate these timesaving technological offerings. But a complete lack of human contact and relationship building can leave customers, both business and personal, simply unsatisfied.

  • ABC's hands-on lab continues to expand, offer variety of training opportunities

    The last two years have flown by. I was hired in August 2004 to help ABC make the most of its new state-of-the-art training academy. During that period, I've seen some remarkable changes -- both in terms of the physical facility and in the caliber and pride of students fortunate to be receiving their construction trades training with ABC.

  • Davis & Adams selected by Harbaugh Family Trust for community revitalization effort

    Many of San Diego's older communities are looking for community leaders to take the reins when it comes to revitalization. These efforts are often put on hold because of construction costs, local economics and building restrictions. However, local grown leaders like George Harbaugh know the risks and put together a team consisting of Principal Mark Swenson of Studio C Architecture, Rosado and Associates for property management, Retail Properties Group for leasing, and Davis & Adams Construction for building.

  • West Coast Group Benefits: Mission statement

    It is not enough for a consultant to offer the traditional benefit products and services to its clients. We must be on the leading edge of providing total benefit products and service to every client.

  • Providing employee benefit services, construction trade association trust fund plans

    Polycomp Administrative Services has been designing, implementing and administering all types of qualified employee benefit and construction trade association trust fund plans since 1974. The company has offices in San Diego, Woodland Hills and Roseville, Calif.

  • The ABC story

    Founded in Baltimore, Md., in 1950 to represent the interests and concerns of merit shop contractors, ABC is a national organization with nearly 24,000 members in 80 chapters throughout the United States. Firms that operate under the "merit shop" principle strive to ensure that performance is based on ability -- if you merit the work you should get it, and ABC works hard to see that you do.

  • Developing a training culture: Work force leadership series

    Embracing change

  • New trade high school to prepare students for careers in construction

    ABC staff and members are working with planners of North County Trade Tech High School to lay the foundation for a four-year program combining academic learning with construction trades training

  • Career ladders: A plan can take you to the top

    Most apprentices and craft trainees come into the ABC Training Academy

  • State-of-the-art training key to worker success

    The Associated Builders and Contractors Apprenticeship and Craft Training programs are models for state-of-the-art training in construction trades in the San Diego region. The program is a partnership with San Diego City College, part of the San Diego Community College District, and students benefit from college credits earned while completing the program. Upon completion, students receive the college certificate of achievement, and by completing additional general education courses can receive an associate degree in the trade.

  • The real key to success: Possess a constant attitude of caring

    It's true that the more things change the more they remain the same. One of the biggest changes in today's fast paced high-tech society is a concept that has been around since the beginning of time. I'm referring to the concept of caring.

  • Sheet metal/HVAC students learn real life skills working alongside students from other trades

    The annual Construction Expo at Qualcomm Stadium was an even greater success for ABC San Diego this year. Participation nearly tripled and ABC volunteers and staff were inundated the entire day with young men and women taking a serious look at the opportunities available through ABC.

  • ABC Training Academy trains plumbers, pipefitters to be master craftsmen

    The ABC staff, apprenticeship and craft training committees, training trust and member contractors have spent endless hours working with the state of California to create a world-class training facility. The new facility has one of the finest plumbing and pipefitting training programs in the region, where students learn theory in a classroom setting and hands-on training in a state-of-the-art lab.

  • Training trends for electricians include new state requirements, alternative energy solutions

    Dec. 30, 2005 -- that's the date state officials at California's Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) finally stopped procrastinating and put into effect the application deadline for electrical certification in California. Basically stated, aside from special conditions, if you want to work as an electrician in California, you must either be a journeyman certified by the DAS, or be registered with the DAS as an apprentice or electrical trainee.

  • Electronic systems apprenticeship training is supplying the need for the low-voltage industry

    ABC San Diego continues to be the leader in support of the low-voltage contracting industry as we strengthen and improve our Electronic Systems Technician (EST) apprenticeship program. The Associated Builders and Contractors Electronic Systems Technician Apprenticeship and Craft Training program has a state-of-the-art lab for hands-on training of fire alarm, voice, data and video systems. In fact, ABC San Diego has the current distinction of being the only Electrical Trainee program for fire/life safety training in the entire state of California currently approved by the DAS for electrical certification purposes.

  • Local craft championships promote excellence in training on national scale

    ABC San Diego holds an annual Craft Championships competition at the ABC Training Academy in Poway. To compete for a chance to win prizes and gain a place in the National Craft Championships, students from the competing apprenticeship and craft training programs are first required to take and pass a written exam. The students are then given a timed period, usually four hours, to build complex projects designed to test a broad spectrum of their hands-on knowledge.

  • Current trends in construction education

    The "School of Hard Knocks" may be closing for lack of attendance, and of course the tuition of simply learning-through-suffering has always been way too high. The University of "Learn Before You Burn," however, is having to build new campuses in an effort to cope with the growing number of construction workers -- a welcome trend.

  • ABC training programs reach record enrollment

    The year 2006 has been record-breaking for the ABC San Diego apprenticeship and craft training programs. Nearly 750 apprentices and craft trainees are enrolled for fall semester -- the largest student body enrolled at the ABC San Diego Training Academy in Poway. ABC offers apprenticeship and craft training in the trades of electrical, plumbing, pipefitting, sheet metal/HVAC and electronic systems technician training.

  • Construction industry training in a high-tech world - building a better mousetrap

    While traditional apprenticeship concepts prevail in the construction industry, changes are in the making. New approaches to meet modern challenges and embrace emerging technology are slowly invading construction industry training programs.

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