This special spotlight report takes a look at the latest educational resources, tools and options. We also feature a report covering a roundtable discussion on work force education hosted by The Daily Transcript.

  • Innovative teacher programs key to developing strong work force

    San Diego educators face the challenge of properly preparing students for the region's technology-based landscape while area companies struggle to keep those gifted graduates in town.

  • Professional development, training important components of success

    Most companies recognize the importance of training and educating their work forces in order to increase profitability and drive success. However, not all companies put forth the resources or financial means necessary to enable their professionals to reach their highest potential.

General Videos

Comic-Con 2010: 'Kingdom of Loathing'

July 22, 2010 -- Erin Stack, "office guru" for Asymmetric Publications, talks about "Kingdom of Loathing" and the conference's potential change of venue.

Archived Reports

Spotlight: Workforce Education - 2006

In our ever-changing world of work force demands, the role that human resources plays is an important one. In this section, we look at labor laws, employee benefits, training and more.