San Diego's economy remains dynamic and robust, and competition among area banks remains tough. Learn more about who's who in San Diego banking as we profile local leaders in this annual report.

  • It's not too late to save for your retirement

    In a recent Gallup poll, Americans stated that planning for their retirement is one of their top financial worries. Of those worried, 52 percent are concerned about the size of their nest egg.

  • San Diego Trust Bank -- Banking the 'Best of San Diego'

    The landscape of the San Diego community banking scene continues to evolve. New banks continue to be formed, while others are acquired or merged into larger entities. Amid all the noise and rhetoric, one bank in particular has established a notable presence in the marketplace -- not just due to its size or number of branches, but rather simply its consistent, top-tier "performance."

  • 1st Pacific Bank creates results

    1st Pacific Bank of California continues to make its mark on the business banking landscape in San Diego. In just six years, the bank has expanded its branch network to five offices and is nearing $300 million in assets. This impressive performance has not gone unnoticed. The bank's honors include being named California's "Top De Novo Bank" by The Findley Reports and a "Workplace Excellence" award from Peter Barron Stark & Associates Inc.

  • Bank not content to rest on a year of success

    With its inaugural year coming to an end, it would be understandable if executives at Coronado First Bank leaned back to bask in the glory of a successful rookie season.

  • Cooperative efforts bring the credit union message home

    The banking industry nationwide is continuing an organized campaign, calling for both federal and state governments to eliminate the tax-exempt status of credit unions.

  • Small business banking: The credit union solution

    Small businesses, many of which face high costs and inaccessible service from other financial institutions, need the type of member-focused flexible services that credit unions specialize in offering. Small businesses are extremely dependent on branches and they demand flexible and extended hours of operation as well as higher levels of responsiveness and support from branch staff. These are areas in which credit unions excel.

  • Point Loma Community Bank: Local people, local experience

    After celebrating their second anniversary on Aug. 2, one can truly say that Point Loma Community Bank has brought community banking back to Point Loma.

  • Three tie for first place in economic forecasting

    Inflation kicked up in the past year. The economy grew at a decent clip. Oil prices continued their dramatic climb.

  • College aid offices may not have best loan deals

    When students or parents approach a college financial-aid office for a federal loan, they may not be getting the best possible deal.

  • Traveling abroad? Don’t leave home without making financial preparations

    Even thought the end of summer marks the end of travel season, many still have trips on the calendar. If you're planning a trip abroad, have you given much thought to how you are going to pay for your expenses in a foreign country? And do you know enough to protect yourself from thieves who target travelers? FDIC Consumer News offers these suggestions for preparing yourself and your finances.

  • Anthony 'Tony' Calabrese

    Tony Calabrese is a local Point Loma resident with 27 years of banking experience, spending 19 of those years at San Diego Trust & Savings Bank and five years at Peninsula Bank in Point Loma.

  • Susan Ten Eyck Mallory

    After graduating from Occidental College in 1978 with a Master's Degree in diplomacy and world affairs, Susan Mallory planned to join the U.S. diplomatic corps. Before moving to Washington D.C, she accepted a summer job at a local bank, which ultimately changed the rest of her life. Mallory immediately enjoyed the world of banking and the opportunity to provide services to local companies doing business internationally as well as domestically. Twenty-eight years later, she's never looked back.

  • Rod Calvao

    A San Diego resident since1965, Rod Calvao understands San Diego County Credit Union's customers and the community.

  • Robert B. Horsman

    San Diego National Bank is celebrating its 25th birthday on Nov. 12. In many ways it doesn't seem that long ago when an idea to open a new bank grew into the determined aspiration of a small group of dedicated people that included business owners, individuals and banking professionals. We identified ourselves as "San Diegans in business for San Diego."

  • Randy Cundiff

    Randy Cundiff isn't your typical bank president, evidenced by his decision to hang a surfboard in the bank's lobby. His "New Wave of Banking" transitioned into a "Brighter Way of Banking" as the bank moves into its sixth year of operation. Its success is a direct outcome of efforts to build relationships with the community and "super-serve" its clients.

  • Michael Perry

    When Larry Willette agreed to meet with Mike Perry in April of 2002 to discuss the idea of forming a new bank, he did so mainly out of professional courtesy.

  • Michael J. Maslak

    Inspired by the National Credit Union's vision of "People Helping People," Mike Maslak, President and CEO of North Island Credit Union, leads a world-class organization, committed to providing world-class financial services, to fulfill their mission: "Providing People with the means to achieve their Dreams."

  • Michael S. Hahn

    Pacific Coast National Bank takes your business personally.

  • Larry A. Prosi

    Since opening its doors in 2000, 1st Pacific Bank of California continues to realize exponential growth. In less than six years, its branch network has expanded to five offices and assets are nearing $300 million.

  • Bruce A. Ives

    Bruce A. Ives is the president, chief executive officer and a director of Coronado First Bank. A native San Diegan, Ives, 41, has dedicated himself to a career in the banking industry.

  • Some lenders cutting riskier mortgages due to Wall Street pressure

    NEW YORK -- Some mortgage lenders are feeling the heat from Wall Street to tighten their lending standards and cut their exposure to riskier loans.

  • Bond investors skirt default debacle in New Orleans

    Call it the bond market disaster that didn't happen.

  • Fed is likely to stay with its pause on rates

    Federal Reserve officials are likely to continue their interest-rate pause at 5.25 percent when they meet Sept. 20.

  • Some banks eliminating ATM fees to gain competitive advantage

    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Jay Gustafson, in an unfamiliar town for a job hunt and in need of some fast cash, gritted his teeth and hit the nearest ATM.

  • Pros and cons of the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act

    The Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act signed into law by President George W. Bush in May contains good news for investors with taxable capital gains and dividend income. It also offers upper-income taxpayers a Roth IRA conversion opportunity and extends immediate relief from the Alternative Minimum Tax. The law has its downsides, too. One of these will raise revenues by expanding the reach of the "kiddie tax" on unearned income from assets owned by a child. A look at the specifics can help you better gauge how these provisions may affect your tax liability and influence your planning both now and in the years ahead.

  • Keep your eye on the dividends

    NEW YORK -- Blue chip stocks with a high dividend used to be called, dismissively, widow and orphan stocks. But grandma was right: It pays to pay attention to dividends.

  • Homeowners feeling pain of rising rates

    Luisa Cordova-Holmes was looking to lower her monthly payments when she refinanced her $312,000 mortgage in 2004. Instead, she wound up digging herself into a ditch.

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