This special report takes an in-depth look at the biotech sector of our local economy. We'll discuss what's going on in the biotech arena from many angles and explore the latest technologies used in drug discovery. We'll also review the latest intellectual property news.

  • The more things change

    Laws come and go, but the law of unintended consequences remains.

  • New research facility opening signifies SKCC's ongoing commitment to region

    The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (SKCC) has announced the opening on Nov. 9 of a new $24 million research center on its 10-acre campus on Torrey Pines Mesa. The completion of this new research building already has made possible the completion of two new strategic recruitments and the expansion of the center's cancer cell biology drug development programs.

  • Southwest California home to leading biotech companies

    FFF Enterprises has become a leading provider of human plasma products, vaccines and clinical trial drugs by offering a secure distribution network, responding to the marketplace and keeping its customers happy. The company's model is so effective that it became the nation's largest distributor of flu vaccines during the 2005-2006 flu season.

  • Burnham Life Sciences Group provides real estate expertise for lab companies

    Beginning with Hybritech's first facility in 1979, the Burnham Life Sciences Group has become San Diego's leading provider of biomedical real estate services, routinely negotiating over 65 percent of life sciences-related leases in the region.

  • Commitment to development, training provides Grubb & Ellis|BRE Commercial growing arsenal of best practices

    In the ultra-competitive commercial real estate industry, the desire and drive to stay "on top" is constant.

  • Biotech patent licensees may be able to have their patent and invalidate it too

    For biotechnology companies, the decision to license a potentially problematic patent for a product years from commercialization is a difficult one, especially when the royalties will cut into precious margins. And what if the patent under consideration is of questionable validity?

  • Stemagen building on solid foundation

    Having arranged exclusive agreements with leading fertility centers to obtain embryos and eggs donated for stem cell research, having recruited a renowned expert in cloning procedures to lead its research endeavors and having ongoing collaborations with national and international experts in stem cell research, La Jolla-based Stemagen believes it is uniquely positioned to become a world leader in the most promising, yet challenging, area of embryonic stem cell research, "therapeutic cloning."

  • Small biotechs hit hard by PTO proposed changes

    During 2006, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has proposed a series of rule changes that, if adopted, will significantly affect patent prosecution practice. Many predict the changes will be especially disastrous for small biotech companies.

  • County's lab market has fewer space options for some companies

    A recent report by the Burnham Life Sciences Group shows that a decline in San Diego County lab vacancy from 9 percent to 7.3 percent this year alone, reflecting a continuing tightening of this specialized market and quickly limiting the number of suitable locations for lab companies looking to relocate or expand here.

  • Approaching IP protection for biotechs in increasingly competitive market

    The financial state of startup biotech companies can vary greatly. Some have tremendous resources because they are subsidiaries of larger companies, and others are living hand to mouth. What is common for all of these companies is the need to structure their intellectual property protection in a way that will help them to protect their products as they go through various phases of development and to identify a saleable product that won't interfere with the rights of others.

  • La Jolla Pharmaceutical’s EU drug application put on hold

    La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co.’s (Nasdaq: LJPC) intention to market Riquent, its lupus renal disease drug, in Europe was put on hold Thursday after the biotech company withdrew its application in order to compile additional data requested by the European Medicines Agency (EMEA).

  • Two SD biomedical companies bought for $65 million

    Boston-based pharmaceutical services company Parexel International Corp. (Nasdaq: PRXL) announced Thursday that is has executed a definitive purchase agreement to acquire the business and operations of the San Diego companies California Clinical Trials Medical Group Inc. and Behavioral and Medical Research LLC.

  • Biotech sector looking strong

    The biotech sector nationwide posted solid gains in one of its best months this year in September, according to a study by Burrill & Co. The industry posted a 6 percent gain, ahead of both the Nasdaq and the Dow.

  • Room temperature storage key to new biotech's ambitions

    Your DNA is a lot like sea monkeys. Well, maybe not a lot like sea monkeys, but a San Diego company is building its business around the idea that it can be stored in much the same way.

  • UCSD ranked as top biotech school

    In a report released Thursday the University of California, San Diego, was ranked among the top universities in the world for its prowess in developing and translating biotechnology into medical treatments, drugs and other commercial applications, according to university officials.


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