This spotlight section, which publishes three times a year, explores work force development topics such as labor laws, employee benefits and recruitment.

  • An ounce of prevention applies to employment law, too

    Job discrimination and sexual harassment claims have risen dramatically over the past decade, as has the cost for companies to defend themselves against these types of claims and disputes.

  • The CEO search conundrum: internal vs. external candidates

    When internal and external candidates are in play for a CEO position, both parties often think that the other has the advantage. But do they really?

  • Employee retention plays key role in achieving business success

    A business can offer a saleable product line, widespread distribution and competitive pricing, yet still not have success or dominate its market because it may lack a key ingredient: quality employees.

  • Human resources gains strategic focus

    The Human Resources profession has come a long way in the past 20 or 30 years. What was often thought of as a division in large organizations, responsible for doing paperwork in the hiring and firing process and for overseeing paychecks, has developed into a complex and extensive profession in its own right.

  • The next job outsourced to India could be yours

    "We Think, They Sweat," wrote author and former hedge-fund manager Andy Kessler in an article on Asian manufacturing and the U.S. trade deficit for the Wall Street Journal two years ago. If "they" start thinking for us as well, maybe we are the ones who should be sweating.

  • As body art gets popular, workplace dress codes get a second look

    Colleen Harris doesn't fit the stereotype of the buttoned-up librarian.

  • Are you ready for some football problems?

    Autumn has arrived in San Diego. The nights are cool and the Chargers are hot. Unfortunately, for an ever-growing segment of your work force, football season is one of the most distracting periods of the year.

  • Is your Web site a target for a discrimination lawsuit?

    Retailers have gotten used to the idea that they are frequent targets of discrimination lawsuits, but probably didn't expect that they may also be sued for their cyberspace activity. Although online shopping can increase sales for many retail stores, apparently it can also increase the risk for a lawsuit if the Web site is not user-friendly to blind customers.

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This spotlight section, which publishes three times a year, explores work force development topics, such as labor laws, employee benefits and recruitment.