This special report follows the 2006 general election from a local, state and national perspective.

  • Defeated airport measure never got off the ground

    Little financial support, almost no political backing and a very popular opponent doomed the airport ballot measure from the start, according to analysts and local officials.

  • Bilbray prepared to work with new control of Congress

    Less than 12 hours after winning reelection over Democratic challenger Francine Busby, Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Carlsbad, said Wednesday he is prepared for the challenges of working with a Democratically controlled Congress and said his legislative priorities for the upcoming term will include illegal immigration, the environment and beefing up local infrastructure.

  • Cheryl Cox unseats Padilla as Chula Vista mayor

    Cheryl Cox handily defeated incumbent Steve Padilla Tuesday night in the race for mayor of one of the county’s most rapidly developing cities, Chula Vista.

  • North County votes for new San Marcos mayor, opposes Props T and E

    In an election year complicated with two similar sounding propositions, misleading mailers and heated debates over issues like illegal immigration and the strawberry fields, close races and major upsets came as little surprise.

  • Mayor reveals managed competition details

    The day after his ballot measures aimed at fiscal reform won strong support from San Diego voters, Mayor Jerry Sanders announced his plan to start implementing some changes as soon as this week.

  • Cheryl Cox takes Chula Vista's mayoral seat

    Cheryl Cox, a school board member in Chula Vista and wife of County Supervisor Greg Cox, has officially defeated incumbant Steve Padilla for the Chula Vista mayoral seat.

  • After early slight lead, Prop. 90 defeated

    After taking a slight lead in early counts, a major ballot initiative that could change California's eminent domain laws and the way the state handles zoning laws now seems to have lost some support as about half of the state's precincts counted.

  • State Prop. 87 goes down in narrow defeat

    With 100 percent of precincts reporting, California's Proposition 87, a measure aimed at reducing the state's dependence on foreign oil and funding alternative energy research, lost with 54.7 percent of voters opposing the measure.

  • Airport ballot measure fails by nearly 2 to 1

    For months the military has said Marine Corps Air Station Miramar isn’t available, and on Tuesday the voters of San Diego County agreed.

  • Propositions B and C get resounding approval

    With 100 percent of the precincts weighing in Wednesday morning, Propositions B and C were soundly approved by San Diego voters. Prop. B garnered 70 percent approval and Prop. C came in with 61 percent voting "yes."

  • Proposition T fails to meet two-thirds vote

    The measure that would allow a local medical district to issue $596 million in bonds for construction and renovation of the Tri-City Medical Center appears to have failed.

  • Bilbray maintains lead in 50th; appears elected

    Congressman Brian Bilbray won re-election Tuesday night, toppling challenger Francine Busby by nearly 10 percentage points in a race that was marked by animated debate over illegal immigration issues, allegations of criminal grand jury investigations and sparring over stances on the Iraq war.

  • GOP leads in six key races, Democrats in two as voters fill 100 seats

    LOS ANGELES (AP) - Republicans took early leads in six battleground districts Tuesday as the GOP fought to increase its numbers in the California Legislature. Democrats led in two other key races.

  • Schwarzenegger not dragged down by anti-Bush tide

    LOS ANGELES (AP) - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger defied the riptide of anger that swept many fellow Republicans from power Tuesday, prevailing despite Californians' dismay with President Bush and the Iraq war, an Associated Press exit poll showed.