Each month The Daily Transcript takes an in-depth look at a current telecom issue in this special report.

  • Over-the-air analog TV transmissions to end in 2009

    Last week House Representative Joe Barton (R-Texas) introduced the Digital Consumer Education Act of 2007 in an effort to raise public awareness on the impending end of over-the-air analog television transmissions slated for February 2009.

  • Global gathering leaves telecom industry optimistic

    The UN International Telecommunications Union’s (ITU) global gathering of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies held in Hong Kong earlier this month left many of the world’s largest telecom companies with a very optimistic outlook about their industry’s future.

  • Congressional shift may affect net neutrality

    The Democratic shift in Congress, after the recent mid-term elections, has given proponents of “net neutrality” hope that key pieces of legislation designed to protect what many call the “Internet’s First Amendment,” may finally have a real chance of passing after being stalled by partisan debate up to now.

  • Telecom providers turn to Microsoft’s IPTV

    With more and more cable service companies, such as Cox Communications, increasing their subscriber base by offering the attractive lure of bundling telephone, data and video down a single connection, some of the country’s largest telecommunication providers have struck an unlikely alliance with Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) in an effort to stave off the steady encroachment onto what was once their safest market segment.

  • Net neutrality issue won’t be solved anytime soon

    With Congress set to adjourn at the end of this month, advocates on both sides on the Net neutrality issue see little hope that any resolution on the matter will be reached this year, as pre-election posturing has stalled a massive telecommunications bill that proponents of Net neutrality felt did not adequately provide protection for the equal treatment of Internet content.

  • Bluetooth tempts hackers with new challenges

    Bluetooth wireless technology has come a long way since Ericsson introduced the first Bluetooth-enabled headsets and phone adapters back in 2000. In that time Bluetooth has grown in prominence as well as popularity.

  • Voice over IP must continue to improve in order for businesses to make the switch

    Undoubtedly Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has come a long way. However businesses looking to switch to this low cost alternative to traditional phone services will find out that the old mantra of “cheaper doesn’t mean better” still rings true.

  • Krenn assists emerging businesses through Venture Pipeline Group

    Mike Krenn works at one of the nation’s largest law firms — 3,100 attorneys in 58 offices — yet he’s not a lawyer.