The Daily Transcript proudly presents its Distinguished Paralegals 2007, 20 individuals peer-nominated and independently judged the best and brightest in San Diego's legal assistant arena.

  • Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?

    Living in fear is living a life of mediocrity. Your fear may be of going back to school, networking with other professionals, job security or competency at work. Perhaps it is the fear of taking your career to the next level, as a paralegal student or a working professional. Whatever your fear may be, ask yourself if this fear is precluding you from achieving some of your goals in life or at work and paralyzing you to the point of stagnation. Are you afraid of the big, bad "wolf"?

  • Paralegals in position to improve reputation of legal profession

    Paralegals are critical to improving the reputation of lawyers in the community. The legal profession still suffers from negative stereotypes and some do indeed think we're better off "at the bottom of the sea," as the lawyer joke goes. Paralegals can pull lawyers out of this muddy, messy, pool of disrepute by displaying the following qualities.

  • Ask Julia

    The following student questions were answered by Julia M. Dunlap, Esq., director of legal education for the Paralegal Certificate Program and Intellectual Property Certificate Program at the University of California, San Diego Extension. Dunlap has played an active role in paralegal education for over 10 years.

  • Being a 'career diplomat'

    Although most firms can minimize conflict among coworkers with insightful management, communication does occasionally break down, and misunderstandings occur. Knowing how to react with diplomacy and tact under these situations can make you more effective in your job.

  • The Daily Transcript is proud to present its Distinguished Paralegals 2007

    San Diego County paralegals, attorneys and legal experts had the opportunity to nominate distinguished paralegals in their field. The nomination process began in December, with more than 190 nominations submitted. A total of 120 nominations met the criteria set out for participation.

  • From legal student to paralegal professional

    For many students, graduating from college with a degree in paralegal studies is a moment filled with starry eyes and great hopes for a new and improved career choice. Then they begin to look for a job.