In this special report, The Daily Transcript takes a look at how San Diego is incorporating green building into its communities.

  • La Mesa cultivates smart growth

    La Mesa's 100th anniversary of incorporation is set for 2012, so, at least compared with some Southern California cities, La Mesa could be classified an "older" city. La Mesa also could be classified a pioneer in "smart growth" values as well, because mixed-use and transit-oriented developments (TODs) have been the standard since 1987. Incorporating smart-growth principles for the past 20 years has produced no fewer than six developments that mix housing with commercial and retail uses and that foster transit and pedestrian uses.

  • More businesses discover the grass is 'greener' with synthetic turf

    Day in and day out, millions of tourists and locals flock to San Diego's main attractions. From Petco Park to Sea World to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, many do not realize that the grass is not just greener -- it is fake. In fact, an increasing number of companies in the region are "faking it" with synthetic turf as an environmentally responsible alternative to natural grass.

  • Green building, design cornerstone of Reno's future success

    As an active U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) member dedicated to sustainable building and design, San Diego-based Reno Contracting is committed to preserving the environment and keeping abreast of the latest green design technology and practices.

  • The commercial appeal of daylight

    Using daylight to illuminate commercial interiors is far from a new concept. Until the Industrial Revolution, daylight was the primary light source for buildings. With the advent of electric lights in the 20th century, however, less emphasis was placed on natural light as a primary source of illumination. Windows became smaller and were sometimes eliminated. Energy-draining florescent lighting became commonplace, and workers soon found themselves spending as much as 90 percent of their time away from natural light.

  • Turner leads green-building efforts nationally and locally

    Nationally, Turner is dedicated to green-building practices. Throughout the country, Turner has completed 34 LEED-certified projects and has completed or is currently working on more than 65 projects that are registered with the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition, Turner has completed or has under contract more than 195 projects with green-building elements, making Turner one of the country's green-construction leaders.

  • Alpha Mechanical Service & Engineering takes bold steps to reduce air-conditioning kW consumption

    Clouds of doom surrounded the San Diego Crime Lab as its chiller plant was 18 years old, using two outdated 130-ton air-cooled reciprocating chillers that were wasting energy and causing high demand charges. On top of those problems, more cooling capacity was required for its laboratory expansion. The standard practice called for installing a new chiller plant using air-cooled screw compressors. This addition could supply the needed capacity, but it would only achieve moderate energy and demand savings.

  • Pardee Homes makes environmental focus a priority in new communities

    As one of San Diego's most respected and established home builders, Pardee Homes has been committed to quality, value and service since 1921. That commitment hasn't changed, but throughout the years, much about the home building industry has. Pardee has remained steadfast as a homebuilder for the future, embracing an added focus that includes the need for green building techniques. Pardee Homes has long led innovations in sustainable and green building efforts, especially in San Diego.

  • San Diego master-planned community a model for green building

    Del Sur, a newly opened development of 2,500 homes in north San Diego, represents the next era of responsible community planning for California and the nation: an ultra-progressive, eco-friendly community that blends environmental accountability with architectural heritage.

  • New transportation committee chairman wins passage of solar energy bill

    WASHINGTON -- Thirty years ago, Rep. Jim Oberstar testified in favor of his legislation to install solar panels at federal buildings. Now, as chairman of the House Transportation Committee, he's got the juice to make it happen -- at least on a small scale.

  • Going 'green' at your data center building

    Faster processing speeds have made way for advancements in science and medicine, as well for the elevated popularity of consumer products such as iPods and BlackBerries. But this speed comes with a price, ultimately affecting the bottom line of companies and the environment.

  • Buy efficient appliances, unplug your tv, and other tips for reducing your thirst for power

    Energy efficiency has come a long way from flickering fluorescent lights.

  • Not just for heat control: How the right window film can enhance indoor air quality

    Back in the good old days, window film was invented to reduce temperatures in buildings and homes. Too much solar energy entering windows increased heat, making occupants uncomfortable and air conditioning more expensive to operate. Window film was a simple solution for a simple problem.

  • Saving the planet from your cubicle: Shedding light on an eco-friendly workplace

    In today's environmentally conscious society, hybrid cars, biodegradable laundry detergent and re-usable organic cotton grocery bags are becoming more mainstream. Curbside recycling programs are the norm in most cities in California, as are beach cleanups. But how many of these reduce, reuse, recycle habits are transferred into the workplace?

  • San Diego unveils trolley line through Smart Corner project

    At the intersection of Park Boulevard and Broadway in downtown, with trolley bells ringing and power tools buzzing in the background, San Diego officials cut the ribbon Wednesday for a re-routed transit stop outside one of this city’s most prolific mixed-use developments, Smart Corner.


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