Throughout the year, The Transcript explores real estate investment opportunities south of the border, along with financing options, insurance, entitlement rights, legal updates and more.

  • Baja development changes name; begins golf course construction

    Due to the ongoing expansion of the development, The San Felipe Marina Golf Resort and Spa changed its name to Baja Diamante.

  • Resort community Punta Mita builds on growing real estate demand in Mexico

    The demand for Mexican real estate continues to grow at the high end, leading to wider availability of mortgages and positioning Mexico as one of the fastest rising real estate destinations in Latin America. This claim was made in a recent report by leading financial and real estate experts from Credit Suisse, Mexico Mortgage Market and U.S.-based consultancy Ernst & Young.

  • American developers in Baja

    One of the changes in the Baja real estate market is the growing understanding of the wants and needs of the U.S. homebuyer. This subtle cultural shift is producing better and more appealing homes, a significant emphasis on attaining standards of excellence in construction and finishes, meeting the needs of even the most discriminating purchasers. This shift is drawing to the Baja peninsula U.S. developers that are building projects with a level of quality and attention to detail that you would expect in Newport Beach -- at a fraction of the price.

  • 'Buying Mexico Real Estate' seminar with author Barry Golson

    In response to the ever-increasing interest from Southern California buyers for Mexico properties, Prudential Real Estate will sponsor an educational buying seminar on March 24.

  • 'Learn how to shop for Baja real estate' weekend cruise planned for July

    Ever wonder if retiring in Mexico is an option? Who would you ask to get basic questions answered: Can Americans own land? (Yes). Who can explain the process clearly? (Specialists). Are American property owners' and buyers' rights protected under Mexican law?

  • Finding luxury by the sea

    Dozens of new condo projects dot Baja California's Gold Coast from Tijuana to Ensenada. Speculators eager to cash in are building quick and selling cheap with the promise of delivering Baja's golden elixir of the relaxed enjoyment of world-quality beachside living. But without spending time at the projects, it can be impossible to separate the hype from fact and find luxury by the sea.

  • Arthur Hills/Steve Forrest firm set to design Punta Lobos course

    TODOS SANTOS, Baja California Sur, Mexico -- Arthur Hills/Steve Forrest and Associates has been commissioned to design 36 holes at Punta Lobos, a proposed world-class development located 40 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas.

  • Marketing Mexican residential real-estate projects in the United States

    The boom in Mexican residential real estate is attracting significant foreign investment, much of it from the United States. As a distinguished panel of experts at the Procopio International Tax Institute's "Investing in Mexican Real Estate Conference" in San Diego this month emphasized, knowing the right way to market your Mexican real-estate project in the United States can mean the difference between success and failure.

  • Mega yacht marina puts down anchor at Meridian's Porto Hussong

    SAN DIEGO -- The largest mega yacht marina facility on the west coast of the Americas will soon put down anchor at "Porto Hussong" in the port city of Ensenada, Baja California, providing much-needed and long-awaited slips for luxury mega yachts.

  • Former U.S. ambassador: Economic reforms should be top priority for Mexico's new president

    To avoid the political instability that has plagued most of Latin America over the past century, Mexico needs to reduce income inequality by implementing major economic reforms, said former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Jeffrey Davidow. At the same time, Davidow remains optimistic about Mexico's future.

  • Procopio's real estate conference draws industry leaders from throughout North America

    On Feb. 17, the Procopio International Tax Institute presented the information-packed, full-day conference, "Investing in Mexican Real Estate 2007 Outlook: Residential Properties & Development." The conference at the University of San Diego's Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice attracted individuals from throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada who are both involved and interested in the Mexican real estate industry.

  • Mexicali mayor calls meeting on four-lane highway

    The owner and president of Baja Diamante Development, Armando Ramos Sr., met with the mayor of Mexicali and others on Feb. 24 to discuss the progression of the new four-lane highway from Mexicali to San Felipe. Also president of the San Felipe Developer's Association, Ramos was appointed by the mayor in 2005 to lead the efforts of the highway.

  • Are smart, secure borders possible?

    In March 2006, the White House-led Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) advocated "a single integrated North American trusted traveler program." Presumably, such a program would require deep background checks, official biometric documentation acceptable by three sovereign states and a dedicated bureaucracy. It's expected that land yacht-driving snowbirds enjoying Canadian summers and Mexican winters who would be particularly appreciative that the federal governments are working to expedite their twice-annual border crossings. It's not clear how such a program would yield significant economic or security benefits.

  • Death, taxes and Mexico

    No one expects to live forever. Yet some naively think that moving to Mexico will kill their obligation to pay income taxes. In fact, U.S. citizens have to pay annual income taxes on all income earned from any source anywhere in the world, no matter where they live. While Americans moving to Mexico may escape the rat race, they still don't avoid death and taxes.


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