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  • Avoiding unnecessary encounters with Uncle Sam

    The April 15 tax deadline is looming, and most have not even started to gather up tax paperwork, let alone the necessary documents needed to file taxes. First step: Don't panic. This will only cause undue stress. There is still time to file the paperwork in order to keep the IRS off your doorstep.

  • Planning your wealth's legacy for the next century

    It's no secret that people in the United States today are living longer and accumulating more wealth than ever before. In fact, the last decade produced more wealth than any previous period in modern history.

  • Local banking industry sees strong growth, lower expenses, M&A activity

    Banks make money. Not literally, but profits continue to grow at a record pace.

  • When flouting convention is best tax bet

    When you're working on your taxes, sometimes it pays to be illogical.

  • Turning short-term assets into money

    Businesses that generate short-term assets like accounts receivable or inventory often are faced with a situation in which, for all practical purposes, they are financing their customers. As accounts receivable and inventory grow, so does the additional working capital necessary to carry them.

  • Treasury teams with banks to promote direct deposit for benefit payments to retirees, disabled

    WASHINGTON -- Forty percent of Americans surveyed by the government think paper checks are safer than direct deposits to a bank account. Not true, says the U.S. Treasury Department, which planned to release the survey early Wednesday as part of its campaign to promote direct deposit.

  • Ameriquest parent in 'advanced' talks to sell mortgage operations

    NEW YORK -- ACC Capital Holdings is in "advanced" talks with "a potential partner" about its subprime mortgage-banking operations, which include Ameriquest, a company spokesman said Tuesday.

  • Bank of America casts wider net for Hispanics

    LOS ANGELES -- In the latest sign of the U.S. banking industry's aggressive pursuit of the Hispanic market, Bank of America Corp. (NYSE: BAC) has quietly begun offering credit cards to customers without Social Security numbers -- typically illegal immigrants.

  • Banks try to return risky loans to originators

    Efforts by major banks and Wall Street firms to unload bad U.S. housing loans are speeding up a shakeout in the subprime mortgage industry.

  • Mobile banking shifts into higher gear

    Mobile banking has been around for awhile. But only lately has it begun to live up to its promise.

  • Buyout boom helps some investors

    Some mutual-fund investors are getting a boost from the frenzied pace of private-equity firms cutting deals to buy publicly traded companies.

  • Credit union membership has its rewards

    There are many things that make credit unions different from other financial service providers. One of these differences is the commitment to assist members with their financial well being beyond simply offering low fees and great rates.

  • Callan Capital opens private banking and investment firm

    Today Callan Capital announced its formation as a fully integrated boutique wealth-management firm. Callan Capital provides asset management and family office services, including estate and multigenerational wealth planning to high net worth clients nationwide.

  • 10 smart financial ideas: Ways to live a comfortable retirement

    When thinking about your retirement, it's important to consider what type of retirement lifestyle you would like to have. Do you plan to travel? Will your mortgage be paid off? What will your cost of living be? What will your expenses be? Maybe you still plan to work part-time once you retire. If you ask these questions now, you'll be able to calculate how much money you'll need to save for retirement.

  • Forensic accountant offers tips on business partnerships

    Partnerships often start with lofty vision and concepts such as trust, experience, shared risk, divided time, friendship and, of course, common goals.

  • Life stage marketing: Matching the message to the member

    The methods used in the marketing of financial products and services within credit unions are currently undergoing a major shift, particularly in the realm of investments. Traditionally, the core offering of credit union products and services have been viewed as commodities sold on the basis of price.

  • Annual check of credit reports critical to maintain healthy rating

    In life's school of personal finance, everyone receives a report card. A good grade on your credit report opens the doors of opportunity to home and auto loans, and credit cards. Get a poor grade, and you still might find a way to get a loan, but chances are you'll pay more than someone who has good credit.

  • Succession, estate planning hot topics among high net-worth individuals

    How much money to pass on to children and protecting those assets from children's spouses and litigious lawyers are some of the most pressing issues on the minds of high net worth individuals when preparing their estates, according to a panel of private banking professionals who met at The Daily Transcript last week for a roundtable discussion.


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