This special report takes a look at business-education partnerships, and how the latest educational trends will affect the workplace of the future.

  • Kids take on grown-up tasks at BizTown

    Junior Achievement will be giving fifth graders across the region a chance to live in grown-up shoes for four hours: balance a bank account, make a profit for their business, buy lunch with the money they've made and make a doctor's appointment.

  • New report documents

    A new report, "Straight from the Source: What Works for First-Generation College Students," offers a comprehensive look at the college access struggles of students who are the first in their families to pursue post-secondary education.

  • JA serves as bridge between worlds of education, work

    The 540,000 young people currently in kindergarten through 12th grade in our 42 school districts in San Diego County will be working, many in multiple careers, after they complete their education. But how do these students learn what careers are available, what additional education is necessary and what skill sets are required to pursue a particular career?

  • The most-praised generation goes to work

    You, You, You -- you really are special, you are! You've got everything going for you. You're attractive, witty, brilliant. "Gifted" is the word that comes to mind.

  • Universities review campus security plans in aftermath of Virginia Tech shooting

    COLUMBIA, Mo. -- Cell phone text messages. Loudspeakers on towers. Cameras that detect suspicious activity.

  • Educational partnerships benefit schools and community

    Whether you have children in the local school system, it's hard not to notice times are definitely changing for education. Gone are the school cakewalks and simple candy-bar fundraisers to help finance a school field trip to the zoo. Today, our teachers struggle for the lack of basic school supplies, and one local credit union is answering the call for help by partnering with school districts throughout San Diego County.

  • Education looks to business partnerships for financial support, real-world experiences

    Partnerships between members of the business world and the education community are crucial in today's ever-changing corporate environment, according to a panel of local officials.

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