The Daily Transcript joins the local chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers in celebrating the top engineering projects of 2006.

  • RBF Consulting receives Outstanding Civil Engineering Project award in ASCE competition

    RBF Consulting recently received an Outstanding Civil Engineering Project of the Year Award from the San Diego Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for the Naval Training Center Redevelopment (Liberty Station) project. RBF was recognized, together with The Corky McMillin Cos., at the ASCE Annual Awards Dinner on May 12.

  • President's Message

    I'd like to discuss the concept of life/work balance. This is a tough subject for a number of reasons. I think employers need to be aware that entry-level engineers have a different perspective on work than our more senior engineers. As an entry-level engineer back in the day, we were expected to put in long hours. We pretty much knew that in order to succeed that we would have to put in 10-20 hours above a "normal" 40-hour work week. I think most of us still work under those beliefs. I don't think that current entry-level engineers want or expect to have to work that much. And if we want to attract more students and employees into the field, we may need to revise our expectations. On the other hand, you can't expect to be promoted unless you work hard, but that doesn't necessarily have to mean long hours.

  • San Diego Section of American Society of Civil Engineers celebrates top engineering projects

    To showcase San Diego's most significant construction achievements of 2006, the American Society of Civil Engineers honored the best local engineering projects at the 18th annual awards dinner, May 12 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina.

  • ASCE awards dinner builds exposure

    On Saturday night, more than 500 people honored San Diego's most noteworthy construction achievements of 2006, at the American Society of Civil Engineers' 17th annual awards dinner held at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina.

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