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  • Investment opportunities in overseas real estate

    With sub-prime lenders hitting rock bottom and residential housing in decline, real estate is fast becoming the asset of concern for many high net worth investors. However, there are still investment opportunities in the sector, particularly overseas, where real estate is becoming a larger allocation for institutional investors.

  • Investors remain aggressive on markets despite more cautious lending trends

    The amount of capital flowing into commercial real estate investments has reached unprecedented levels. Mirroring the residential real estate investment trend in the early part of the decade, Wall Street conduits and private speculators are flocking to commercial real estate in an attempt to reap quick gains on fast turnovers.

  • Cost segregation surveys save building owners millions in taxes

    As a commercial building owner, would you rather save thousands of dollars annually on your taxes or hundreds of thousands of dollars? A cost segregation study can determine which building components depreciate over five, seven and 15 years compared to the traditional straight-line depreciation schedule of 39 years (or 27.5 years for multifamily buildings). By identifying tangible personal property items within a building and adjusting their depreciation value to follow a cost segregation schedule, building owners can save millions of dollars in taxes over the course of their investment.

  • Pre-sales for Raceway Corporate Center office and R&D condominiums announced

    H.G. Fenton Co. announced that pre-sales have begun for Raceway Corporate Center, a 130,000-square-foot office and R&D condominium project in Carlsbad being tailored to fit the investment and workspace needs of small business owners.

  • $11.4 million invested by Keiretsu Forum in Equastone Value Fund II

    Keiretsu Forum, the nation's largest angel investment network with more than 500 members, announced Friday that its members invested $11.43 million in Equastone Value Fund II (EVF II), a private equity real estate fund sponsored by San Diego-based Equastone.

  • Builder confidence weakest in 16 years

    Builder confidence in June slid to its lowest level since February 1991 as concerns about subprime mortgage lending and rising prime mortgage rates soured the outlook for recovery, according to an industry index.

  • Emerging growth executives and their real estate decisions

    How does an emerging growth CEO become an expert in corporate real estate? Typically, the hard way. It is one of the greatest paradoxes of modern business management: How can those visionary lions leading emerging growth companies become such passive lambs in their general lack of concern for the risks of their corporate real estate decisions?

  • Skyscraper prices might start returning to earth

    After an unprecedented boom that saw values of skyscrapers and other commercial real-estate properties double and even triple in price, there are signs that investors and lenders are turning cautious.

  • Smart growth = Smart development

    Continuing its commitment to providing entrepreneurs and small businesses with the most intelligent for-sale office opportunities, Urban West has recently released small Class A office space in one of the San Diego's most prestigious, fastest growing areas, EastLake. Located at 2080 Otay Lakes Road, immediately west and visible from the soon-to-open SR 125 freeway is beautiful EastLake Village Limited Edition.

  • House Democrats propose bill to raise taxes for investment fund managers

    WASHINGTON -- Powerful House Democrats on Friday proposed increasing the tax burden on managers of hedge funds and private-equity firms, racheting up the debate on expanding the government's tax grip on Wall Street.

  • Tax strategy for real estate hits rocky turf

    A popular tax-deferral trick for real-estate investors is facing scrutiny as key middlemen in the strategy run into financial trouble.

  • Economists see housing slump enduring longer

    Economists are giving up on the idea that the U.S. housing slump will be quick and relatively painless.

  • Real-estate investors head overseas

    Investing in real estate once meant owning rental property downtown or buying shares in a U.S.-based real-estate investment trust. Today, it increasingly means putting money in a REIT trading in Singapore or buying a pied-a-terre in a refurbished medieval village in northern Italy.

  • Savvy entrepreneurs see huge potential in owning their day

    A fast-growing number of business owners are recognizing the benefits of owning versus leasing property. Small and medium-size business owners can now take advantage of owning their office space at Nine 2 Five Place while adding value to their business by building equity and appreciation.

  • Design-build strategy paves way for profitable performance for Helix Electric

    As design-build projects continue to gain momentum in the construction industry, the need for quality electrical contractors will increase. Enter San Diego-based Helix Electric Inc., one of the nation's largest and most successful electrical contractors that specialize in design-build.

  • Burnham's Retail Advisory Team proves that investor interest remains strong in retail market

    Institutional demand for well-positioned retail centers remains strong, particularly from well-capitalized investors and retailers, according to Pete Bethea of Burnham Real Estate,ONCOR International's Retail Advisory Team.

  • SellSmart Real Estate offers unique franchise opportunity

    SellSmart Real Estate is enjoying rapid growth, largely because it offers brokers and Realtors an opportunity to invest in a franchise business that lets them stay competitive in a changing real estate market.

  • Hotel buyouts are likely to continue

    As the torrid pace of deal making for skyscrapers, apartment buildings and other commercial real estate in the United States shows signs of cooling, analysts expect hotel buyouts to keep heating up.

  • Lease vs. own: What to consider when selecting office space

    While every business is different, some common factors should be taken into consideration when evaluating whether to buy or lease office space.

  • While housing falters, hotel construction still going strong

    Residential construction has faltered with decreased demand, but it is a very different story on the lodging side.

  • Residential sales moving into electronics as fast as technology will allow

    With a majority of financial transactions having the ability to be completed electronically, via the Internet or by computerized signature, technology-savvy homebuyers and sellers are demanding a more efficient and quicker method of completing real estate transaction forms.

  • Apartment vacancies hit highest level in a decade, but investors still buying

    Apartment vacancy levels have climbed to their highest point in at least a decade, but that hasn't stopped investors from buying units here.

  • Slowing retail construction driving up prices of existing properties

    Retail construction has slowed down, but investors are very interested if they can find the properties to buy.

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