This special section takes a look at current construction insurance issues and updates on construction law.

  • New standards for school design incorporate green building

    A quiet revolution in school design has been unfolding in the state of California, according to a recent article in Green Technology Magazine.This involves using "green" designs, materials and operating systems to create a new world of energy efficient, high-performance school facilities.

  • Construction insurance rates ease

    High construction insurance rates that builders said slowed development a few years ago have lessened slightly, as wrap-up insurance policies have become more popular and the state has passed legislation aimed at reducing litigation, some in the industry say.

  • States push more highway projects after dark

    More highway construction is being done at night, easing traffic tie-ups and disruptions during the day. But the benefits of night roadwork come with a host of safety concerns for motorists who are on the roads after dark.

  • Steel, cement industries hit by housing slump could benefit from future bridge repair work

    WASHINGTON -- Cement and steel companies, hard-hit by the housing downturn, could see demand improve the next couple of years in the wake of the deadly collapse of Minnesota's Interstate 35W bridge.

  • When is a project 'completed' for purposes of mechanics' lien law?

    Those who improve the privately owned property of others have a right to look to the property upon which they have provided their labor, services or materials as security for payment. This is the basic right to a mechanics' lien guaranteed by the California Constitution (Article VIX, Sec. 3), and implemented by the mechanics' lien statute (Secs. 3082, et seq. of the California Civil Code). However, there are few areas of the law in which the time element is so important.

  • In construction, seeing is believing

    Statistical analysis and the science of predicting the whole based on a sampling of the parts is all around us. You can't turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper without seeing the latest approval rating of the president or finding out how many of us are unemployed, filing bankruptcy, getting divorced or like Coke better than Pepsi. We know these reports are based on sampling; we have come to accept these numbers and have become comfortable with the concept of counting a few to represent many.

  • Industry faces increasingly challenging landscape of regulation, insurance

    While overall construction activity has declined in San Diego County so far this year, contractors have other concerns, as local and statewide regulatory agencies continue to adopt stricter building provisions and insurance premiums remain on the rise, according to industry experts.

  • Smart insurance planning for owners and contractors

    Contractors and owners are generally aware that construction is a high-risk endeavor. But the energy and focus devoted to a promising new project can sometime push to the back burner the consideration of important issues of allocation of risk -- and insuring that risk -- if something goes wrong.

  • Documentation key to resolving disputes over construction delays

    When delayed construction progress causes disputes between owners and contractors, both are faced with a complex process of proving how the deviation impacted the sequence of performance, caused disruption of the progress, who is responsible for it, and what additional costs have been incurred.

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