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  • Kitchens make fashion statement at Del Sur's Avaron

    Catering to America's love affair with gourmet food, wine and an epicurean lifestyle, Standard Pacific Homes has created a culinary masterpiece at Avaron, its exclusive new-home community at Del Sur.

  • Downtown condo designs cater to desired lifestyles

    Many San Diegans who have lived in the county for 10 years or longer might not have guessed that downtown would become one of the fastest growing and most desirable locations in the city.

  • It's keen to be green

    Nowadays, being a green designer means seeking out and specifying building materials and methods that are environmentally friendly. The goal of green design is to reduce human impact on the environment while improving our quality of life. The wise choices we all make when we do anything, from using our recycling bin to designing a building, can help put us back in Mother Earth's good graces.

  • Conceptualizing and communicating corporate cultures through design

    The opportunity to develop a communications strategy of your corporate brand can evolve far beyond inert personalities and spaces, and into a true culture.

  • Local architects take care in restoring historic buildings

    Old theaters are being renovated, an old warehouse building has been incorporated into a new ballpark and a former Naval Training Center has been transformed into a vibrant education and entertainment center.

  • San Diego architecture finds its style

    When architect Jean Zagrodnik moved to San Diego from the Midwest in the late 1980s, she found San Diego's architecture "really boring."

  • New York Giants, Jets unveil design of new $1.3 billion stadium

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The New York Giants and New York Jets broke ground recently on the first stadium to be jointly owned by two NFL teams and unveiled how architects plan to make two competing teams feel at home in a $1.3 billion stadium.

  • Tee Pee Motel restoration in Texas brings back a bygone American era

    WHARTON, Texas -- A bit of American history -- quirky and curious, but history nonetheless -- huddles next to old Highway 59, past the tractor dealers and the rice mills, just before a green sign that proclaims Wharton's population of 9,237.

  • With big money at stake, social trends color the shade forecasting business

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- You will find it aesthetically pleasing when blue is paired with silver and gray. You will feel that blues paired with browns are played out. You just don't know it yet.

  • Conservatories create magical year-round living under glass

    Summer soon will come to an end. But that's not stopping plenty of homeowners from finding a way to create sun-soaked days year-round.

  • Architectural awards bring 'Power to the People'

    The Orchids & Onions awards program blooms again on Nov. 30, with an awards ceremony held at the Hard Rock Hotel downtown. The awards take a critical and complimentary look at architectural design in San Diego.

  • Landscape design: Less water, more green

    Dwindling water supplies and increasing environmental awareness are beginning to change approaches to landscape architecture. The challenge for designers -- whether landscaping a single-family home, beautifying a building complex or re-establishing a natural park -- is to balance aesthetically pleasing landscapes with drought-tolerant, sustainable design.

  • For women in architecture, building a career gets easier

    In the "Me Decade" of the 1980s, women joined men in the corporate world, began calling themselves Ms. and started the process of breaking glass ceilings.

  • Architects driving green design, waiting for others to get on board

    While architects take the lead in design, especially in the area of green building, clients must still be satisfied if a project is to happen at all.

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