This special section includes the official program guide to the Tourism Investment Summit & Real Estate Expo, updates on investment prospects and information on financing real estate in Baja and the Sea of Cortes.

  • Home sales soar at Punta Mita's Porta Fortuna residential resort

    The Porta Fortuna community in Punta Mita, Mexico, has experienced strong demand for its new product, Zen Casitas, selling eight preconstruction units at an average price of $1.5 million each this summer. Set on 14 acres of oceanfront property, Porta Fortuna's Zen Casitas are two-story, three-bedroom units with some 4,000 square feet of combined indoor and outdoor space.

  • Construction moves ahead on Baja residential developments

    Drawn by white sand and cheap prices, developers and Americans looking for beachfront property have been streaming into Northern Baja California and many condo projects being built up and down its coast are getting closer to completion.

  • Salerno: Your own private getaway

    The Lagza Group was founded in 1989 by a group of investors residing in Baja California with a vision of bringing urban development to the region. With 18 years of experience and a portfolio of more than 23,000 clients, The Lagza Group has proven to be one of the leading real estate groups in Baja California.

  • Mexico's proposed flat tax: Effect on U.S. investors in Mexican real estate projects

    This past June, Mexican President Felipe Calderon introduced a bill to the Mexican Congress to overhaul Mexico's tax system with the main objective of raising its federal tax revenue, a critical component for Mexico's future ability to grow economically and achieve better social justice standards.

  • Millions invested in Rosarito; first condominium tower set to be built

    Grupo Joya, a well-known real estate consortium in Mexico, unveils its new project, The Towers at Puntazul, located along the Tijuana-Ensenada scenic road in Rosarito, Baja California.

  • Relaxing on the beach while the real estate market panics

    With August bringing the closing of Greenpoint Mortgage and a 1,600 job cut at Accredited Home Lenders (Nasdaq: LEND), not to mention Fannie Mae's restructuring and a host of other mortgage industry-related troubles, it's natural to wonder what Russ Schreier is doing right.

  • Five areas of concern for U.S. investors in Mexican real estate

    There are three characteristics of Mexico's newest tax bill, known as the CETU, that may be of concern for current and future investors in Mexican real estate: 1) U.S. foreign tax credit availability, 2) deductions that are tied to cash expenditures and 3) the Mexico-U.S. tax treaty does not apply. Below are examples of how these three characteristics may affect U.S. investment in Mexican Real Estate projects.

  • Real estate purchase checklist

    The following checklist may provide a useful tool to ensure you're asking the right questions, of the right professional service providers, at the right time throughout your transaction process.

  • A brief history of Mexican realty financing

    Forty years ago, the concept of running down to Baja to buy a little piece of beachfront property was laughable. Mexican national security measures prevented foreigners from buying any land within 50 kilometers of the beach and 100 kilometers from any border.

  • Investment properties: Due diligence before you buy

    The investment opportunities in Baja California are much different than they were even a year ago. With many of the successful developers in the United States now building in Baja Norte, there is a new security in purchasing in Mexico that is attracting investors from not only the United States but also from Europe and Asia.

  • A guide to property ownership in Mexico

    Mexico has long been a popular vacation destination for North Americans. However, today it is much more than that -- it is rapidly becoming a desirable place to live.

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