In this special section we examine the state of the multibillion-dollar insurance industry, with topics including health care, workers' compensation, directors' liability, construction risk management and more.

  • Duane Morris attorney focuses on insurance, reinsurance law

    When a construction company finds itself at odds with an insurance company over the coverage of a piece of faulty equipment, injury to an employee or a project gone awry, Mitchell Lathrop and his associates at Duane Morris LLP are called upon to help mediate the heated debates.

  • Get well soon: Healthy workers mean a healthy business

    As an employer, how would you rather your employees spend their lunch hour: smoking a cigarette after having a fatty meal, or taking a brisk walk after a healthy lunch?

  • Insurance procurement, risk management program can stabilize costs

    In terms of the property and casualty insurance marketplace, California businesses have enjoyed healthy reductions in premiums over the last five years. Workers' compensation costs alone have decreased more than 50 percent since 2004. While insurance carrier profitability, increased carrier competition and capacity, investment vitality, new legislation and economic stability have resulted in an extremely "soft" insurance market since 2004, the future does not look as positive for the insurance market.

  • Protecting hospitals against information breaches

    With the reach and capabilities afforded by today's business technology comes inherent, but often unforeseen, risk. Business in all industries that aggregate and maintain third-party data are particular targets of information theft and network security breaches.

  • GM deal is turning point for health care

    The labor agreement reached by General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM) is the most striking example of a bigger trend sweeping U.S. health care: employers renouncing their decades-old role as chief health-care buyer.

  • New insurance plan has novel pitch: Get sick, buy more

    A small Michigan insurer is trying a novel way to woo young, healthy people who lack health insurance: let them buy lots of coverage after they get sick.

  • Local insurance agency offers corporate wellness plan

    The Webster Insurance Agency has introduced an innovative approach to health insurance by offering business owners a corporate wellness plan to encourage healthier living among employees.

  • Global warming: Increasing liability for directors and officers

    As federal and state authorities continue to strengthen mandates regarding environmental issues, many corporations find themselves increasingly obligated to provide disclosures on the environmental impact and related financial impact of their business.

  • How small-business owners can reduce health care costs

    Rising health care costs are one of the largest expenses facing a small-business owner. One of the ways employers can manage increasing health care expenses is by offering their employees consumer-driven health plans.

  • Cutting-edge insurance for today's technology leaders

    ¥ Eight banking Web sites were attacked, resulting in 23,000 stolen credit card numbers. The hackers proceeded to publish 6,500 of the cards online, causing third-party damages in excess of $3 million.

  • Be a better communicator: How patient-centered communication can reduce medical malpractice risk

    Listen up physicians: Don't want to take the time to communicate effectively with your patients? It may cost you.

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