The latest technology news from the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

  • 2008 CES: Final thoughts on this year's show

    I'm ready to head back to San Diego, and not a minute too soon. Taxi lines have always been long during CES, often 100 people in line at many of the hotels trying to get somewhere just a few miles away. So this year I had a car, assuming I'd beat the crowds. But trying to get my car from the valet at the Hilton last night took nearly an hour with more than 70 people in line.

  • 2008 CES: Notes from Tuesday's offerings

    Technology Correspondent Phil Baker is at CES in Las Vegas, bringing readers the latest news from the world's greatest gadget show.

  • Gates shows how Microsoft is expanding into more platforms and interfaces

    LAS VEGAS -- Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) might not be the unbeatable giant it once seemed to be, but Chairman Bill Gates made the case Sunday night that its technologies are becoming even more flexible and powerful as they seep into automobiles, Internet-based TV networks and living rooms.

  • 2008 CES Notebook: Monday's sampling

    The crowds are huge, the aisles filled, making it impossible to make scheduled appointments on time. But that’s OK because everywhere you turn there’s something to see. Large screen images, blaring music and companies large and small vying for attention.

  • Comcast: Cable industry to standardize network in '08, enabling new services without cable box

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Facing pressure from regulators, the cable TV industry plans to make good on a promise to standardize its technology and open the door to televisions and other gadgets that don't need cable boxes to receive video-on-demand programs and other interactive services.

  • Yahoo spruces up mobile Web platform in quest for more ad revenue

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- After losing some of its luster on the personal computer, embattled Internet icon Yahoo Inc. is hoping to outshine Google and other rivals on the mobile phone.

  • First look at CES from Las Vegas

    I'm at CES in Las Vegas along with other Daily Transcript reporters, bringing you the latest news from the world's greatest gadget show. There's an estimated 150,000 people wandering over 1.7 million square feet of space, spread among two different convention centers and a half-dozen hotels. Here are some of the trends and examples I'm seeing as CES gets under way.

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