The Daily Transcript recognizes San Diego County's outstanding legal secretaries.
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  • San Diego Legal Secretaries Association has a lot to offer

    The San Diego Legal Secretaries Association (SDLSA) was formed as an organization for the further education of those engaged in the legal secretarial field. SDLSA strives to pursue and stimulate a high order of professional standards in the legal profession, pursuant to the Code of Ethics adopted by SDLSA.

  • Why Big Law is bracing for a leaner 2008

    For Big Law, 2008 may prove a smaller year.

  • Judge shuts down 'Wikileaks' U.S. Web site in documents dispute

    SAN FRANCISCO -- A federal judge has set off a free speech tempest after shutting down a U.S. Web site for posting internal documents accusing a Cayman Islands' bank branch of money laundering and tax evasion schemes.

  • Big retail chains dun mere suspects in theft

    After Miami handyman Glenn Rudge was accused of shoplifting an $8 set of drill bits at Home Depot, he thought he'd settled the matter when he showed his receipt to prosecutors and they dropped the charge.

  • Meat recall prompts call to strip agency of safety oversight

    LOS ANGELES -- The responsibilities of the U.S. Department of Agriculture could be revamped in the wake of a beef contamination scare that prompted the nation's largest-ever meat recall.

  • How did they do that?

    As one of the judges for this competition, I reviewed the many nominations submitted to The Daily Transcript for San Diego Legal Secretaries. I couldn't help but marvel at the working relationships each has with his or her boss. The words of praise were amazing. The bosses portrayed such respect -- and downright awe -- of the skills, work attitude and ethic displayed by their secretaries. They spend many hours each week side by side with their legal assistants, giving instructions, directions and -- quite obviously -- praise. And they took the time to say so in the form of a public nomination.

  • The Daily Transcript is proud to present San Diego Legal Secretaries 2008

    San Diego County attorneys, colleagues and legal experts had the opportunity to nominate outstanding paralegals in their field. The nomination process began in January, with 64 nominations submitted.

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