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  • Tax credit program finances change in southeastern San Diego

    In the Diamond Neighborhoods of southeastern San Diego, a long-abandoned factory site has been transformed into a bustling hub of commerce and culture -- igniting the economic engine of the neighborhood and bringing people together around a new vision of change for their community.

  • Investors look for best ways to avoid the danger zone

    As investors seek shelter from the market turbulence, the usual safe places don't feel so safe anymore.

  • Americans start to curb their thirst for gasoline

    As crude-oil prices climb to historic highs, steep gasoline prices and the weak economy are beginning to curb Americans' gas-guzzling ways.

  • Shareholder backlash emerges on subprime mess

    Angry about the subprime-mortgage meltdown, activist shareholders are mounting resolutions and vote campaigns ahead of annual-meeting season that target issues such as risk assessment and succession planning.

  • Big firms offer a money haven as dollar skids

    Millions of Americans are watching the collapse in the dollar and wondering what, if anything, they should do about it -- apart from canceling this summer's trip to Europe.

  • In modern banking scenario, customer wins

    When Bryan Lusky, partner at pipeline contractor CCL Contracting Inc. gets ready to deposit a business check, he doesn't need to get in his car, call a courier or even walk across the street. Lusky turns on his computer, launches his Web browser and engages in an Internet-based check clearing system called remote deposit processing. Like many other small and medium-sized businesses, CCL has successfully embraced online technology to expedite transactions and improve its access to cash.

  • A new era in business banking

    Bankers are not often thought of as an innovative lot. If anything, people think we're too conservative. But quietly, there has been a slow revolution taking place that is making banking more dynamic, powerful and convenient for business owners. It has been happening on the cash management side of the business. And now, it's gotten even better.

  • Paying down debt major concern on consumers' minds

    Spring is almost here, seemingly a long time since we made those New Year's resolutions to lose weight, find a new job or spend more time with the family. The No. 1 resolution, though, among consumers this year was not to get in better shape physically, but financially, by paying down debt.

  • Making your tax return work for you

    Tax time is upon us yet again, and once the whirlwind of endless paperwork and filing has passed, we will anxiously await our annual return. However, what will you do once that check arrives? What is the most advantageous way to use the money in this uncertain economic climate?

  • Stimulus package opens new window of opportunity for home buyers

    Like many, Steve Doyle, president of Brookfield Homes San Diego/Riverside Division, is encouraged by the new economic stimulus package recently signed by President Bush.

  • Balancing emotional, financial costs when caring for aging parents

    As they age, Americans are forced to face some of their biggest life challenges: transformations in their bodies and health, changes in living arrangements, the ongoing concerns over financial resources and perhaps the greatest hardship -- the loss of their spouse and friends, and learning how to say goodbye.

  • Setting up a retirement plan for your small business

    As a small business owner, planning for retirement may be the last thing on your mind. Your day-to-day duties may keep you too busy to consider any time frame beyond 5 p.m. Friday. You may also think that a company-sponsored retirement plan is out of your -- and your employees' -- reach right now.

  • Financial analysts seek new label for confusing economy

    It seems hard to believe, but one year from now we will be well into the second month of a new presidential administration. Which man or woman will sit in the Oval Office won't be decided for several months, but regardless of the outcome of the November election, changes that will impact the economy and financial markets will be afoot.

  • Though San Diego may narrowly avoid recession, businesses prepare for slowdown

    It's becoming hard to look for the bright side as growth in San Diego and across the nation slows. Even the most optimistic of executives are worried for 2008 and beyond.

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  • U.S. Bank executive helps small business weather credit crunch

    Credit is tight, bankruptcies are skyrocketing and the economy might be tipping into a recession. With these doomsday headlines, not many experts are banking on these as the best of times for expanding lending to small businesses and entrepreneurial enterprises.

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