Join the Transcript as we honor some of the top paralegals in the county and take a closer look at the profession.

  • Pay it forward: Going full circle

    The San Diego Paralegal Association (SDPA) congratulates the honorees of The Daily Transcript's top San Diego Paralegals 2008 for representing the paralegal profession with great reverence.

  • Get involved: Paralegal association provides advocacy, networking, education

    The San Diego Paralegal Association (SDPA) is a nonprofit organization first established in 1977 to promote the paralegal profession through awareness, education and public service.

  • Paralegal profession gaining recognition, respect

    First off, let me say how proud I am to participate in the 2008 San Diego Paralegals. As director of legal education, I am honored to represent UC San Diego Extension in sponsoring the reception honoring the finalists today.

  • Traits of the exceptional paralegal

    Today The Daily Transcript and the San Diego legal community honor San Diego's most talented paralegals for their contributions and critical value to their profession with a special reception. The number of nominees reveals how successful many paralegals have become and the vital role they play in the successful workings of a law firm and corporate legal department.

Spotlight Paralegals